Vulgus vult decipi

Today we vote. While I feel a moral obligation to vote I still struggle with the fact that there are no truly moral candidates to vote for.

And while I have this little cartoon in this post I don’t believe a word of it. We vote, they get power, and they ignore what is needed for what they want. Where’s the voice in that?

Nevertheless a decision must be made and I suppose I have made one.

Against my inclination and with my memory of the 80’s and early 90’s still vivid, I will vote Tory.

Why? Simply because around here I have seen Vote Labour signs going up in house windows. I have to vote Tory to ensure the Labour candidate who was in the money grabbing scandal up to his neck and has written some pretty dumb leaflets for our delectation, doesn’t get in. Also, I have to admit the local Tory guy is a good man, with some genuine achievements for our locality under his belt.

I find it hard though. I remember what the Tories did to very vulnerable people. Apart from the appalling National Curriculum that Thatcher foisted on schools and Labour ran away with, there was Community Care. Remember that? It was a scheme to ensure long term mentally ill or disabled people were “cared for in the community”. Only there was no infrastructure set up to achieve this and so many of our patients ended up on the streets or in prison. Even today the prison population is made up of far too many mentally ill people.

Then there was the taking of benefits off the long term sick so they couldn’t even keep their homes. We had patients who had less in benefit that the rent for their horrible little flat. As nurses on our abysmal pay we often ended up buying our patients toiletries and other needs out of our money because they had less than nothing. One man who thanks to his schizophrenia needed a change of accommodation to a grand floor flat  nearer his mother couldn’t get the change because he was running up rent arrears-simply because he got less benefit per week than his rent. His mother on a state pension was just about getting by. She ended up trying to pay off her son’s debt so he could live safely near to her.

This and similar stories played out over hospitals and hostels all over the place.

Many other horrible things were done to the poor and vulnerable.  Have the Tories changed? Somehow I don’t think so.

As for home education. Michael Gove made it clear that there would be something done if they got the power.  Others on that side of the fence has muttered about “monitoring” HE too. No one paying attention thinks the Tories wont come after us; the question is WHEN will they? And will they be just a tiny bit more pro-family and pro-family freedom than the tyrannical  Balls?

Looking at Cameron??? Grief! I don’t know.  He likes Obama!

Well we’ll see and as the title says; the people like to be deceived. That’s the problem isn’t it?


3 responses to “Vulgus vult decipi

  1. My thoughts precisely ( I also have an NHS background, nursing and Midwifery)
    It’s a matter of the lesser of three evils really.
    I’ve linked to this post on my blog, but I’ve no idea how to do one of those backtrack linky things, do you?

  2. Oh it is all so unsatisfactory. Then again around here, if the Conservatives put up a turnip with a blue rosette on it, it would win.

    One doesn’t feel like one can actually makes a difference.

  3. sanabituranima

    *sigh* It looks like the Tories are winning.

    I struggled to decide whom to vote for – only made my mind up on election day and vote Lib Dem. Labour won in our constituency, anyway.

    I’m scared for the future.

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