Life Goes On

While all the buzz about hung parliaments and who hadn’t won what and why was going on yesterday, we carried on with the business of getting on with life and home education.

The children learned about Babylonian bas-relief. The book (Artistic Pursuits) suggested the activity should be making clay versions, but I am out of clay. I had thought of making bas relief with card and sticking toilet roll and tissue paper down to make the relief. But just as I was planning that I saw a book about Christmas decs on the table and it had the foil making thing. So I decided we would make foil bas-relief instead. The children glued and folded a piece of foil and then with a pencil drew out a picture. When they turn them over the picture is in relief on the other side. Simple. Also it was something even the little ones could do without needing a lot of adult help.

It was K’s birthday so we had cake with candles to celebrate. We have a plan, which I pray comes to fruition, that we will have a big party when we both make it to 50.

It was also our wedding anniversary yesterday; 22 years!  I told Al I thought things were ok so far 😉

So, as you can see, there were much better things to do yesterday, rather than watch who was next in line to finish off the country.

But this morning I find we still have no Government. I am wondering if it matters?

Meanwhile Carlotta tells us that Graham Stuart who is still MP -so one of the good guys won, promises there will be no monitoring or “registration” under a Tory Government. I assume this is a firm promise at this point because even if Gordo is prized out of No. 10 and Dave gets to move in, it will be a difficult place to be. There is no money to come after ordinary people like home educators so I guess we can put away the ammo for now 😉

So, while the toddlers (no one could call them giants) fight it out in the playground,  perhaps we can all just get on with life, until the Eye turns again.


2 responses to “Life Goes On

  1. Belated Wedding Anniversary greetings to you and your husband!

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