Do we really need a ‘school’ so we can educate our children?

I grabbed a cuppa this morning and had a quite look at the MSM to see if we had a Government yet. Nope.

But I noticed THIS ARTICLE in The Times from just a day before the election. The mother’s have won a major battle to build the school of their choice for their children. They have defeated the whole one-huge-school of faceless, nameless children in favour of something local, small and with a smiling subsidiarity to it.

While the article is written in such a way as to leave the reader absolutely convinced they could NEVER do anything like that (the Times does like the bif Govt-experts-rule approach doesn’t it?) there are a couple of quotes that stand out for me. After living in  busy village Joanne Vickers moved to another place…

she moved to one with no school, “where people expected others to do everything for them. No one talked to each other.

Ah yes. I think a lot of us are familiar with that scenario. But this mother wanted something better for her family and (having moved again) found parents who understand they are the primary educators of their children.

They didn’t want a school where children could be ignored. They had seen the stories in the papers of children missed by schools and social services who suffered neglect and even murder. They want something better for their children.

hat night they got caught up in a wave of idealism and excitement. They didn’t want an exclusive school.

They wanted “a school where all children matter. A community school. And we have never, ever, deviated from that.”

Brilliant stuff. Hope Call Me Dave remembers his promise when he’s finished dodging and dealing with Clegg.

But I have to wonder, reading this, whether those parents really need a ‘school’? Perhaps where they are, they do. Perhaps they need a building-and it would have to be called a ‘school’.

Home education is hard work. But it isn’t as hard as what those mums seem to have gone through. We don’t have to be great public speakers and although it pays to know the law on home education, we don’t need to find huge funds for lawyers or loose good educational family time attending council meetings.

In fact thanks to the failure of the appalling CSF Bill we wont (for now) have to bother with LAs at all. Good.

Most days I think my house (The Hub) is like a mini school anyway. We meet here for lots of lessons and activities. Other days we meet at places like museums, Think Tank and such like. We all just get on with it. No faff or fuss.

We even have different approaches to education; Charlotte Mason, Classical, Steiner. I might add that being right there for the children we don’t need SATS to tell us anything, so our children get educated all year round, rather than taught to the test. Lots of good teachers envy us that and wish they had the same freedom for the children in their care. Perhaps with more parent power will come more good teacher power? We’ll have to wait and see.


2 responses to “Do we really need a ‘school’ so we can educate our children?

  1. Good blog post, mum6kids. You’re on fire.

  2. I always say home ed is the lazy parents’ way. Nobody believes me. No lunches to send out the door at 8:00 a.m., no PTA meetings, no fundraising, no parent teacher conferences…and we get the academic work done in less than half the hours kids are in school. That leaves a lot of time for life.

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