LA man visited today.

The man from the LA came over today. He’s the new guy and I felt sorry for him taking over after the Ishaq trial. He is pro-home ed as far as I could tell. He asked what I needed and I told him I needed some copper sulphate if he could get me some. He said he would look into it.

Something like that would be a useful service from the LA to those of us who are registered. In return for the box ticking we could get some basic inexpensive science supplies.

He mentioned that he thought the Tories wanted HE families to form their own schools and be paid for the HE. I pointed out that would undoubtedly come with strings attached and after what Ed Balls had done it would take a while for HE families to trust even a different Government.

He seemed fine about what we were doing. That should be it for a year.

I’m not bothered by it-but I’ll wait and see if I get any copper sulphate 😉

I had just posted this and was pottering around when I saw THIS ASTONISHING ARTICLE. It seems to me that Clegg and Cameron could save money by sacking everyone involved in NICE. They aren’t nice at all.

Good grief it was this very attitude home educators talked about only a few months ago. No more nanny state! PLEASE!

6 responses to “LA man visited today.

  1. Why do you have a visit they is no legal requirment for a meeting with any one from the council? we dont have one and never will!

    Why do you feel sorry for him he being paid good money to that job i bet he dont feel sorry for you!

  2. I know I am not legally required to accept a visit. However I have done so in the past and have decided the best way to protect my children at this point is to play the game.
    This is my choice; my home; my children. Each family must make their own decision. As soon as home educators start dictating to other home educators what they are allowed and not allowed to do we are no better than Ed Balls and his side kick Badman.
    In other circumstances-and if I didn’t live right under the shadow of the Ishaq case-I would not have visits. But for now I would rather jump the little hoop.

    I was also testing the new waters. Is there anything genuine from the LAs? I asked for something very small. Copper sulphate. Let’s see what happens. I bet nothing does.
    But I am willing to see.

    I don’t know what his wage is. But I do know he has stepped into a job that isn’t set out well.
    He doesn’t need to feel sorry for me. I’m doing fine. In fact I gave him some advice for his own child 🙂

  3. His wage will be good with good pension scheme as well! next time you see him why dont you ask him how much he gets paid by the tax payer? The pension is a very good one for LA staff its index linked which many private pensions are not!

    Its your choice to see him but you seem scared cos of Ishaq case? he use that to bully other home educating familys to! you dont have to jump though hoops he got what he wanted a home visit that really all they care about geting into your home to snoop around!

    its intersting you say the best way to protect your child is to play the game? thats what LA’s want for you to play the game and they tick the box that you had a home visit?

  4. Next year is the first year I have to report my son (basically let the school district know he exists, that we are homeschooling and let them know what standardized test we plan to use). The requirement here is ages 7-16. In my experience, since my daughter attends a special class for her hearing disability that is offered by the school district, the actual teachers have been quite good and accepting of my homeschooling and desire to see all the curriculum that they are going over with my daughter. However, the bureaucrats have outright lied to me about what I am required to do, assuming I don’t know my rights. Not easy to walk the fine line, so I know where you’re coming from. Prayers for a peaceful year without government folks in your hair…and that you get the copper sulfate!

    Speaking of that…chemistry…I am considering teaching chemistry to homeschool kids of high school age. Do you know of any good resources that have a Charlotte Mason approach? I don’t know if CM really addresses science for upper grades.

  5. Lol Swissy.
    Good luck with your council. There is a shocking amount of lies that comes from those places. It’s almost as though it’s the culture in those places; honesty doesn’t pay or something.

    It does amaze me that so many people think that every other family has to do and be just like them or there’s something kooky going on.

    We should be able to make the best choices we can for our children without some busy body demanding we explain ourselves as though we should be taken away in a white van for not doing things their way.

    How’s your dd getting on? Is she learning any sign language? My children have learned the ASL alphabet from Starfall.
    Back when I worked in the Deaf Community I remember that for fingerspelling most of the time the BSL two handed alphabet was used but it was useful to know the ASL one when you had one hand full (with a nice cuppa). 🙂

    On high school science: I haven’t come across anything I really like. Iona did use some stuff from Apologia which is good but you have to navigate the young earth six day creationism in it.
    I do like the fact that both sides of the argument are presented and the experiments are usually kitchen stuff based.
    I have bought a chem set for the youngsters that has some chemicals as part of it but they don’t provide enough of some things for even one decent sized experiment-hence my request for copper sulphate.
    A lot of people use the Harcourt books but I am not sure what they are like for much older kids- and they seem more text booky than living book.
    There are some good books out there that tell the stories of scientists and what they discovered and how.
    I have one on Marie Curie but I’ve lent it out and can’t remember what it’s called.

    Have a mooch around the Science links and the Z Alex and Marie Claire links in my sidebar. There’s a virtual chem lab. I put it there for MC as she is doing A level chem but I haven’t investigated it yet. See what you think.
    God bless

  6. You not said if your ask the LA man how much he is paid by the tax payer? LOL that get rid of him! bunch of leeches they are! told one that over the phone never heard back from him LOL.

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