Nordisk has pulled out of Greece. Hope it doesn’t do that to the UK!

Say a prayer for the diabetics of Greece facing what must be a pretty frightening prospect that Nordisk is pulling out of their health system.

If our own broke country follows Greece and our NHS finds it can’t be bothered to sack people with clipboards and stop so much unnecessary stuff (like abortions) then we might face the same problem. I would be very very scared if Josh couldn’t access his insulin. (He would be scared too.)

I pray that when the cuts come to our NHS it will be where cuts are needed and not to life saving drugs like insulin.

UPDATE Josh tells me Nordisk made a 21% profit last year globally. He learned this off his diabetes forum. Now if they are that financially healthly it seems to me they could try something better than they are offering Greek diabetics right now. Perhaps they could say children and those who are still unstable could keep Novo Rapid and Glargene while the others change over to the older cheaper insulins and the freebie they are offering.

I can see they are trying to offer something to Greece and truly the Greek government and their fiscal irresponsibility are to blame; same as here in the UK; bit the Govt wont suffer over this-people with diabetes will.


3 responses to “Nordisk has pulled out of Greece. Hope it doesn’t do that to the UK!

  1. That is HORRIBLE! I can’t imagine what it must be like for them in Greece, nor for you worrying about that happening in the UK one day. Sadly, the US may follow not long after considering the road we’re on.

  2. oh my. I cannot even imagine what would happen here if we couldn’t get insulin for Tom and Christopher.

    Nordisk are holding diabetics at ransom.

  3. I think this is pretty worrying too. I realise drug companies have to protect themselves and they can’t have all the broke nationalised health services (like ours) refusing to pay- but it is a truly horrendous.

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