Silence enables bad people to get on with it.

Danae has posted a moving piece about her feelings over our fight with Ed Balls and Graham Badman to protect our children from the CSF Bill.

The thing that stays with me from those days is just how many people were silent while Ed Balls tried to stamp all over us. I wasn’t the only one to notice how few extended families, friends and parishes were willing to so much as sign a petition or write a short letter.  Shockingly many of the silent ones were actually home educators who privately were horrified at what was happening but were more than happy to let others do the fighting for them.

A couple of days ago I came across this video. Take a couple of minutes to watch THIS FROM ABC entitled “What Would You Do?” They put an actor with Downs Syndrome in a store as a worker and get other actors to come and verbally abuse him to see what other customers might do.

As is to be expected there were customers who would not speak up. But there were marvellous people who did. One woman had a baby in a pram and said all too clearly what she thought. Other’s too spoke up to defend the young man working so hard behind the counter.

Most of those who spoke up had personal experience with disability of some kind.

I don’t blame those who were too afraid to speak up there-especially when they brought in the big bloke to abuse the young man; but those who agreed!! I hope they have had a rethink.

But those who were silent during our fight have more to answer for.  Signing a petition, writing a letter, showing any support at all would have done them no personal harm whatsoever. So why where they silent?

The reason so many people with visible disabilities get treated so badly is because we let it happen.

I am proud to know people like my friend Amanda who will actively stand up for the right to life of all of us no matter how small or disabled.

If we all do something- even just a small thing, we are doing something and the silent enablement of those who wish evil on others is chipped away.

UPDATE On the same subject you can sign THIS PETITION to get Channel 4 to remove the Marie Stopes (remember her? A eugenicist like Margaret Sanger) International advert pretending to help pregnant women when what they really do is offer to kill the baby. Can’t wait to see the adverts from British Victims of Abortion or the Silent No More people. But of course that wont happen will it?


2 responses to “Silence enables bad people to get on with it.

  1. I’ve watched the video. My nephew has Downs, as you may know, and the very thought that people can behave so reprehensively toward the disabled makes me feel sick tothe pit of my stomach.

    But i know it happens. By ill informed ignoramouses usually.

    Shocking but true.

    I’ve also signed the petition. Good God, what is this ‘Great’ country coming to?

    If the advertisement goes ahead it will be a sad day for this country. Men and women lost their lives fighting wars so that people can live, live, live.

    The only consolation i have is that they WILL one day be held accoun table to a mightier power.

  2. really good video! i would speak up now but only since we been home educating i feel so much stronger and thanks to Badman to we wrote loads of letter to object to his ideas he made us stronger we belive in ourself again! before i would have kept quiet i would know it was wrong but i would have been quiet to my shame!

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