Too close to the madding crowd.

I often hear or read of people who are homeschooling or home educating their children to protect them from the toxic culture around us. I have great sympathy with that endeavour.

As primary educator of my children I am not just supposed to teach them to read and add up properly, I need to help them learn about life; treating others with love and respect, being sensitive to others who may be more vulnerable to them so that they don’t trample them. I look at my adult children and I have to say over all I am pleased at how they handle difficult situations and difficult people.

There was a reason A Wise Man once said we must love our enemies, forgive them and pray for those who persecute us. It isn’t to help THEM it’s to help US. We need to keep forgiving no matter what so we can stay sane in a mad world.

I was astonished to see an apparently proud home ed parent wax lyrical about how they had managed to bring their child up to adulthood as a rude, arrogant and disrespectful person. How on earth is that something to be proud of? Of course they worded it slightly more slippery than that but essentially said they were pleased their child-now adult-didn’t simply treat other adults with respect.

This kind of self centred approach to life has a pretty nasty fall out and it often falls out on the rest of us. There is nothing more difficult to deal with than someone else’s self centred disrespect for others. All too often it isn’t just adults who get messed up in this sort of behaviour, vulnerable children do too.

I read and listen to so much about lovely families where all is very “Waltons” if you know what I mean. The adults are kind and understanding and if they do get a bit cross sometimes it is short lived and always ends with apology. There is so much stuff about how parents are supposed to ensure our children only court the “right kind” of girl or boy form the “right kind” of family.

Life just isn’t like that. Not around here at any rate. We love imperfect people and we miss them when they’re gone. We try and supportreally difficult people and we get hurt when they get very difficult. It’s life.

So, my advice?

Remember, if you want to grow roses you’ll have to have thorns.

Forgive as much as you can and eat chocolate when you can’t.

Bring your children up to love and respect others so they don’t end up damaging other people.

Protect your children if you can but give them the tools they need to negotiate the madding crowd.

Don’t fall for the “life can be perfect” guff that even some Catholic voices try to put out. Frankly this is just the Health and Wealth Gospel redressed as the Happy and  Sunny Gospel.

But that Wise Man said we had to pick up our cross. So pick it up and drag.

In the end it really will be joyful-not happy perhaps, but truly joyful.

Keep praying for us. In about two weeks I think the worst bits will be over.

Thank you for the messages and prayers.

God bless you all 🙂


4 responses to “Too close to the madding crowd.

  1. It’s hard to achieve ‘in the world not of it’, a balance between love your neighbour/do not yoke with unbelievers, wanting to do everthing to protect your children vs having complete trust and faith in God that he loves them more than we do! The more faith I have the less anti-culture/anti-school I feel, the more positive about the world because it is His creation after all. (still want to HE though of course 😉 ). Joy is so key- fear should have no place.

    Hope you are ok 🙂

  2. sanabituranima

    God bless you, too. 🙂

  3. I love this post. I really, really do. Thank you!

    I especially love this:

    Don’t fall for the “life can be perfect” guff that even some Catholic voices try to put out. Frankly this is just the Health and Wealth Gospel redressed as the Happy and Sunny Gospel.


    You are still in my prayers!

  4. Thank you ladies. We are getting through this. I am eating more chocolate than usual though 😉

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