Cryptozoology afternoon and a lapbook.

Lapbooking can be a long winded process so we decided to do a quickie.

We have just finished the book on mountains and volcanoes for Geography and the last chapter talked about the Yeti of the Himalayas. So we decided to look at other beasties that might live in mountain areas.

The children were all fascinated with the tales of Nessie in Loch Ness in the Highlands so in the end all three of them did a quickie-lapbook on Nessie.

We had lots of pictures and a few notes for them to use. There was great discussion about which tales might be true and which ones were not.

Last week we looked at the Giant’s Causeway and I read them Tomie de Paola’s lovely version of Fin M’Coul and how his wife Ooonagh saved him from the fists of Cucullin. I had already read a version from the Baldwin books which was longer but I have to say not as well written as de Paola’s version.

After they had finished their Nessie lapbooks we looked at the spooky tale of the Grey Man of Ben Macdui properly known as Am Fear Laith Mor. We compared tales of the Grey Man with Yeti and Big Foot and then had a look at Australopithicus to see if we thought the beasties might be any relation.

Finally I found the tale of Mekele Mbembe the dinosaur of the Congo.

There was also a bit of time for a quick entomological peruse of a grasshopper that had decided to pay us a visit by landing on the open french window. While not a mysthical beast he was an unusual visitor for this area. After all the children had looked at him we let him go.

As a side note- I have been using some resources from Montessori for Everyone to do a bit with all three of the younger ones. There’s plenty for Heleyna in particular (she’s 3) but I printed off the constellation set for Ronan.

As another side note:

My friend J came over on Monday. She is using the Steiner Waldorf curriculum so her approach is different to mine. However what was so lovely about Monday was that all the children did what they were supposed to do and even joined in with each other where they could. It was lovely to see how two different approaches to home ed can work well together.

J has her last chemo next week so we will be having more of these all-together sessions for a while until she is recovered.

I hope that the way little groups like ours can work together so that a mum can be ill or in treatment without her children losing out on their learning will be some reassurance to those who are STILL out to ‘monitor’ Home Education.

On Friday when I had to leave for the inquest J and K stayed here and continued the learning with all the children.


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