Lesson for home education mum: know your limitations.

THUD! That was the sound of me metaphorically hitting the brick wall. Time to step back and sit down methinks.

I feel  a bit like St Barnaby of Compiegne having just dropped all the balls. (Tomie dePaola re tells the story beautifully in his book The Clown of God- without mentioning the saint by name though).

I think I’ve been trying to keep too much going for too long. We are, as I’ve mentioned before, financially stretched to the utmost, so like the eejit I am I thought I had better find some way to earn money. Now I home educate full time and there has been rather a lot of ‘other stuff’ to handle over the last year or so, but that didn’t make me see sense.

Then something else happened recently that made me think I could start to solve the financial stuff side of things-only it was here one minute and gone the next. Did I wonder what God was trying to say? No, I was too busy.

So in my busy-silly state I thought I could write a book. You see it would solve lots of problems- I would be writing my own Language Arts curriculum which could be used with the children AND I could sell it so I could afford other stuff curriculum wise. Aha! So then there was the small, but rather important factor of TIME. I don’t have any spare. In fact I am so tied up time wise that my elderly friend can’t even get a phone call from me when I was supposed to give her one and I ended up sending the photos I promised her via Josh. So.

Yesterday-having not stopped to think this over much- I decided that the afternoon would be curriculum and book writing time. As it happens it is nigh on impossible to write a book or anything very coherent when stressed out and surrounded by questions such as;

“Can I have a drink please?” ” I can’t reach the book” and “I need a WEEEEEE!” (trans. put me on the toilet I’m too small to get up there myself).

Now I know there are homeschooling mums out there who manage to write, publish and sell books, but I just can’t for the life of me see how they do it if they are surrounded by their children (especially a 3 year old). Any ideas?

Then I spent some time teaching Josh -who wants to be a paramedic- how to take blood pressures the old fashioned way without batteries, and we discovered my BP is 165/120  Whoops! It was still like that the next day hovering around 170/110 and  more. Of course if I hadn’t been teaching Josh I wouldn’t know this and would probably continue being an eejit.

Right then. Decision time. I wont be writing a book. I’ll do the worksheets for That Resource Site and their brilliant blog- but no book writing.

I’ll concentrate on home edding with whatever I can and forget buying other books for a long time. We’ll have to manage without. Anyway I would have to fall a long way before the children were getting a worse education than a school can offer.

I am going to try and go back to the promise I made myself ages ago (that disappeared) that there will be Mum Time at least once a week where I sit quietly with a book and no interruptions for 15minutes.

And I will learn-slowly probably- to be a bit more realistic about what I can do.

Home educating the children is important and it means I have to be with-it to do it. So. Time to get to grip with my limitations so I can juggle those balls again without dropping them.

St Barnaby say a quick one for me 🙂


7 responses to “Lesson for home education mum: know your limitations.

  1. Ahhh…. discernment comes upon us with or without our consent, as long as we are even somewhat disposed to it! (which I know you are.)

    What kinds of curriculum are you needing? Do you have a list? Perhaps some of us can check our boxes and cupboards and see what we can spare. Isn’t that what we do?

  2. Ah! Thank you for the info on St Barnaby, I didn’t know that!

    Hmm. I wonder if, ironically, people with low BP tend to rest more than those with high, because it makes you feel woozy and foggy, whereas I think people with high BP can feel quite energetic ( by comparison).

    I know exactly what you mean about not having a moment to fit any extra curricular book writing in between the dishwashing, meal prepping, home edding and toileting.
    I think those people that can, like the super litugical crafty bloggers, have a lot more family help. Or paid help.
    I do actually have someone who comes on a Monday morning to do the ironing, for which I am hugely grateful, and I still feel as though I’m just keeping my head above water.

    • Yes, someone else said that those who write have help with the children. It has to be the way they do it. Either that or they are geniuses at holding the thread of thought no matter what the interruptions. Not a skill I have!

  3. Loved your post!! I feel a lot like you do a lot of the time! 🙂 We started making resources because we couldn’t find what we wanted or needed. With our first child being a gifted, spirited child, (she was a lecture for the Christmas Eve Mass, with hundreds of people in attendance, having just turned six) it was such a challenge. I could never manage to get anything completed as I could not keep up with her learning abilities. I just got so used to making things, that we just kept doing it with the next child and so on. I have low blood pressure and am often tired myself and we have never had any help from anyone. Working within limitations…hmm…I’m still trying to figure that out daily. I too see what others are doing and am overwhelmed. There is still so much more to do and share and make and ….ooops have to remember to breathe..lol..lol. As we live with quite a few permanent challenges in our home, I have learned (or remind myself) we do all that we do for the glory of God. Period. To share with others our gifts, really is a privilege. I only have the creativity I have because God gave it to me; I have nothing of my own accord. I love what Chelle creates and shares and I know that it will help us reach and help other Catholic Homeschool Families. We are so happy that we have found such a strong and witty Catholic woman as yourself. 🙂

    May God bless us all for whatever we can do for Him whether through sharing with others, doing meals for our families, teaching the “ch” digraph for the 10th time -argh-, mending a dress, or just being the shoulder to cry on for our virtual friends. We just have to do the best we can and let it go at that. We can’t compare ourselves to others or we will make ourselves crazy. God will provide for His faithful workers, are we not more valuable than the birds of the air? 🙂



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