Ronan’s First Holy Communion

Ronan received his First Holy Communion today. He had completed his First Confession yesterday and did really well.

Father made sure today was very special for him and looked after him well.

All the home education families attended and those who are not Catholic or too young to receive Holy Communion went up for a blessing.

It really felt like a community today (more than usual) with everyone there to share Ronan’s special day and offer him love and support.

The Mass readings were about finding our vocation and Father used the Gospel to talk about not carrying our excess baggage around.

After Mass we went into the hall for a celebration. Iona and I had spent a lot of time cooking so there was plenty of food.

Father came and joined us for a while too which was good.

Ronan received some really thoughtful gifts of prayer books and crosses, but the one that I personally really liked was one K had made.

She had a little box and inside were a number of little scrolls of paper each with a prayer or a line from Scripture printed on it. What a lovely idea! Ronan can use those prayers and Bible quotes or he can add his own as he grows up.

4 responses to “Ronan’s First Holy Communion

  1. many prayes for Ronan!
    Glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Congratulations!! Sacraments are always such a wonderful gift. As I teach sacramental prep for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation – all the trials and work of the year is so worth for those few special moments when I see the children beaming. Ronan is so lucky to have received it. He looked so sweet. Great that your priest makes himself available too. We have a wonderful priest at our parish too and he really helps to personally bring the faith to the children. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Congratulations Ronan.

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