Home Education: day in the life

Clutching my coffee I managed to get downstairs without waking Heleyna this morning. Roni and Av had breakfast while I said Morning Prayer and started on the kitchen. Then a rather bleary 3 year old appeared wanting her breakfast.

Cleared up and started lesson prep for the day.

Family morning prayer (rosary) followed by final lesson prep and then we got started,

They both started with penmanship and grammar.

Avila is using the Starfall printouts and Ronan is using a combination of the easy Language of God (B) and Language Smarts C which is harder and he needs to think more.

Avila did a sheet about nouns.

Then they both learned the poem The Horseman by Walter de la Mare.  I heard Ronan read (What A Year) and then Avila The Stolen Crown part 2 (ORT level 6) before another family arrived.

We are working side by side for a while as she finishes off going through Chemo. Last onetomorrow-say a prayer for her.

All three children did Math U See and then we split up while J did her Steiner work with M and I did catechism with my two and the story of St Maria Goretti whose feast day it is today.(actually I had to wing it a bit ; the short version in the St Joe book was pretty awful-unusual for these books)

They moved onto Critical Thinking Hands On for Avila and Ronan and then Ronan did some Building Thinking Skills (level 1).

The older children joined M for his Steiner songs and I read We’re Going On A Bear Hunt to Heleyna and helped her with wooden letters for a while and then she went off to play with P.

The children came back inside to do their Greek lesson which we kept short. Heleyna joins in with this-she loves being able to say the new words. And then they went back out to play while we set up for lunch.

We did a shared lunch as always. This is very much a part of the learning day with the children learning to share food, pass it around, sit and eat properly at the table. They also learn to eat good food as there is plenty of fruit and veg, fish and couscous etc. We have fallen into a pattern of what each family brings to the table so there is a good variety. I have to say I think we all eat very well on these shared days.

After lunch I took them all for a session of Kinderbach which is going well with our family and is straight forward enough that M could join in today.

Finally J took them for Geography using Rivers and Oceans and Map Skills (B).

This meant I could do my walk to the end of the road and back. It’s something I need to try and do regularly to try and strengthen my hip and knees and hopefully help my high BP.

Alex arrived with some friends and they had to have their ‘meeting’ and chill time surrounded by naked toddlers. (They like to have progressively less clothes on as the day goes on) I think it’s good for those lads to see full on family life  🙂

Finally it was time to take Avila to ballet. She loves this and it is really good for her as she has made some good girl friends.

When I got her home Iona had cooked the tea. We all sat down to eat and then the youngsters wanted to watch Monkey Life before bed. It’s a repeat but you can never watch too many woolly monkey babies can you?

Bedtime with daddy and “daddy prayer time”.

Then when it’s all gone quiet I sit here and blog.

Nearly my bed time.


4 responses to “Home Education: day in the life

  1. what a full and wonderful day!

  2. sounds like a busy, but fruitful day.
    \i wish we could get family prayer time in first thing in the morning, but we just never seem to manage


  3. You are a champion! Thank you for that little peek into your very productive, but fittingly simple, day.
    And thank you also for taking great care to pass on links and other things that have been useful to you ( most especially the terrific worksheets which I love using.)
    Praying for your friend undergoing chemo.

  4. It is so good to read about your family life, ll that learning and growing, in so many ways….it doesn’t matter that you haven’t planted seeds in the garden, you grow your children very well indeed. Prayers for your friend…

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