On putting together a Yr 11/grade 12 curriulum

Iona will be entering what would be sixth form (if she were in school) in September; that is Year 12 or Grade 11.

We have been talking about her learning plans for that year and this is the first lot of ideas:

She has some employment working as a companion for a young teen which may finish around the beginning of term but her work babysitting and helping a young lad with a bit of home education on odd days will continue. This will increase her knowledge not only of children’s learning in general but how to work with someone as they learn.

She will continue with her budgeting especially as she has a somewhat more regular income now.

Writing: she has her plans for future work with her brother and some independent writing plans as well as continuing her blog.

Sept: hopes to start Understanding Human Nutrition level 1: 10 points with the Open University.

Traditional Logic part I

May 2011 : Understanding Cancers level1 15points Open Uni.

(If she completes these courses she will have 35 points at level 1 by the end of yr 12)


Notes from the Underground Dostoevsky

The Great Divorce, Scewtape Letters and Til We Have Faces CS Lewis with lecture on Till we Have Faces by Peter Kreeft.

Man’s Search For Meaning Viktor Frankl I really think this book should be on more upper high school home ed lists. Frankl understood human nature in such a remarkable way and not just because he survived the concentration camps of Hitler.

The Last Freedom (about Frankl) Michael Ryan

A book by Spike Millagan that neither of us can remember the title of but which is in her brother’s bookcase.

He Leadeth Me fr Walter Ciszek and I would like her to read The Shadow of His Wings by Fr Goldman but I must have lent my copy out some time ago as it’s nowhere to be found.

Then possibly The Trail by Kafka

and The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald.

I am sure there will be more but this is the first plan we’ve come up with.


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  1. Webb doing it again on his Webb site attacking us and Peter and he got his facts wrong about Peter!

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