The weird world of chiropractics

I have Fibromyalgia which for those of you who have not heard of it, is a chronic pain and fatigue syndrome that leaves me with quite a few difficulties.

Every six weeks Avila (who has some kind of autoimmune bowel disorder that acts just like coeliacs)  and I have an appointment at the chiropractor to be pulled and crunched about.

Now I know this might seem like an extravagance when we are just so skint at the moment- but I have to say these appointments are really important for both of us. I have sometimes thought I should give up but by the time it’s time to go, I really feel I need it. I believe it’s important because I have to be able to function well enough to look after the home, children and educate them.  And for Avila it has made such a huge difference that it means she hasn’t been in hospital at all since she started the treatment.

Yesterday when I got there I was having the shakes. I’ve had them almost continuously for a couple of weeks now coupled with spasms and jerks and all manner of weird things that one doesn’t really want seen in public. (fortunately for me most people who see me on a regular basis are well used to my tipping over, shaking and general weirdness).

Anyway I arrived and the chiropractor did something snappy with my head and neck- which looks like she’s pulling my head off at an odd angle, then with some other bits like pulling my fingers and tying me in knots or whatever it is she does- and lo and behold I stopped shaking.

It was as though she pulled a switch. I could still feel a bit of a tremble but it was very mild. And this morning I got up and started the day with almost no shaking at all!

She also adjusts my balance so I can stay upright better and I could sit with the family last night without sudden jerks. Nice.

I told her about my BP being high (it remains so despite my best efforts) and she suggested I take it on both arms as it can vary considerably with Fibro thanks to the way it is controlled (or not) in this syndrome. So last night I gave it a go. Right arm 150/110 and left arm 150/90 – that is weird.

I am still working on trying to sort out the BP without going to the docs. It’s a case of making quiet time and having exercise that doesn’t increase the pain levels too much. Diet wise I already eat much the way help sites suggest; don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol(I have less than 7 units a week),  cut down coffee (i drink 1 cup a day) and red meat( hardly as it’s expensive)- so I should be able to do this.


3 responses to “The weird world of chiropractics

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  2. This is very interesting Shell. Of course you must get all the help you possibly can whether on the NHS or privately. So glad that what your chiro did helped you with the shaking you wr experiencing. I think it is hard for some people to ‘get it’ what having illness such as this can do to a person.

    I have some good news, at my last dr’s appointment i saw a stand in doctor and she immediately said ‘You need to see a rheumatologist’….she said she suspects that it is fibro of poly myalgia but that it could be something else and she would leave it up to the professionals to ascertain. So relieved i will be seeing a rheumatologist.

    That is on the 16th Sept i think.

    The pain is throughout my body these days and the twitching and spasms are as prevalent as ever. Mostly i am exhausted form morning till night and i fear that i appear inebriated although i do not drink alcohol at all. I stumble and walk into things tough so i’m sure that it gives that impression and i am as reluctant as ever to go out in public.

    Once again so glad you are able to get some help to aid you.

    Fondest thoughts

    Debs x

  3. sorry about typos…fibro or poly i meant to write.

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