Charlotte Mason (ish) curriculum for K (yr 1) and grade 2 (yr 3)

I am planning the Autumn term with a view to having the lessons and resources set and ready to roll in the next couple of weeks so it doesn’t keep nagging at me over the summer.

Some curriculum sites from last academic year and review of Autumn term stuff.

For many of the lessons Ronan (beginning grade 2 (UK yr 3)) and Avila (beginning Kindergarten (UK yr 1)) work together.


Linney Latin and the online revision/tests from Ex Sedda

British Sign Language;  Stories in BSL and BSL Haiku

Greek lessons

We should try and do a bit more Spanish if there is somewhere to squeeze it in.


Map Skills B and Rivers and Oceans as well as beginning to use the big Reader’s Digest Atlas we have and an old book of the Holy Land.

I am also going to return to reading Pagoo which didn’t really take off last year.

They can watch the film Paddle to the Sea on You Tube and if click on the bookcase it is on my resource blog. If all that goes well I will buy Sea-bird for them at some point.

Religious Ed

We are using the Faith and Life Series.  Ronan will start Our Life With Jesus which is above grade for him but he had his First Holy Communion a few weeks ago, so he is where he should be. Avila will return to the first book, which although she has already done a lot of it when Ronan did it, I think I can get away with repeating it with her if I change some of the worksheets.

We are also using some of the St Joseph Picture Books; The Catechism and some of the saint stories.

Read Aloud: St Benedict of the Hills and Augustine Came to Kent (with huge thanks to Clare for her kindness and generosity in sending this and Beowulf to us.)

And we can do some saint stories and notebooks


With the group we are using Story of the World Vol 2 (I have to say I was disappointed by the end of Vol1 and the beginning of Vol 2 isn’t much better. I am glad we have Augustine Came to Kent and I will have to put some ‘filler sheets’ in where St’s  Bede and Gildas  are left out. I had to do a bit of correction over Constantine and add in the Council of Nicaea which is surely a very important part of the history of the world.)

Read Alouds: Apart from Augustine Came to Kent we are reading Beowulf (again with thanks to Clare for her kindness)

I have some other hopes and plans for History, but we’ll see how that goes.


Ronan has been learning recorder and I think it’s time I started to teach Avila as well.

They will continue with Kinderbach (even though it’s a bit easy for Ronan; I think it’s just as useful that he helps his sisters in this as learning the piano and music).

Also Classics for Kids and Sphinx kids. I think we might do just a little notebooking on this- looking at a composer each month with Classics for Kids.

Art and Art appreciation.

We’re still using Artistic Pursuits but I note that the price is a bit high these days. I’m glad we already have the books. I think we will have to look elsewhere when we are through the ones we have. I like the Seton stuff but as the group is mixed I need to find a more neutral course- or like the family over at That Resource Site- I need to make my own…umm….I just might.

I think that’s about it for what they all do together. I’ll post the K and Gr 2 separate stuff as two separate posts.


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