St Bridget of Sweden- I just love her!

It’s the feast day of my beloved Saint Bridget of Sweden.

You can download some worksheets about her over at That Resource Site Blog.

She has been part of my life since I did my Masters at Maryvale where the Bridgittine Sisters were so wonderful.  I remember Mother coming to tell us a little about St Bridget and one of the stories she told (that I haven’t found online but Mother had a humongous book on St Bridget) is that while in Rome Bridget came to a place where people were about to hang a woman for witchcraft. Bridget intervened and saved the woman’s life.

Jesus said that He would not leave His Church orphans and He has always kept that promise.

He gave us Peter and the apostles to be our spiritual fathers and they in turn laid hands and oil on other men so that there would always be Father’s for Mother Church. But times come and go where those who are supposed to be the Fathers do not behave as they should and the people are in danger of being orphaned. In such times God sends those who could be His Bride to remind those who are standing as the Bridegroom and Father what they are supposed to do.

The Church was in a bad way. The popes had abandoned Rome where they were supposed to be and left Italy to political chaos, retreating to the luxury of France and the French Cardinals enjoyed the power that came with this.

Into this darkness came three bright flames; my own St Bridget, St Catherine of Siena and in Britain St Julienne of Norwich; and to follow came Bridget’s own daughter St Catherine of Sweden. The three mega-women wrote and spoke of their private revelations from Christ and His Mother. They admonished, quite strongly, the popes for their lack of care and shirking of their papal responsibilities.  Bridget and Catherine of Siena worked together and Bridget’s daughter Catherine remained friends with Catherine of Siena after her mother died.

She was quite a formidable woman. None of that sugary saintliness for Bridget. She raised eight children, and suffered the grief of loosing two sons when they were children.  She suffered greatly when her son Karl went off the rails under the malign influence of Queen Joanna of Naples. Karl’s death from fever may have saved him from further trouble, but must have been a deep deep sorrow for his mother.

After her husband Ulf died Bridget received detailed instructions from God on the new order and the rule of that order she was to establish. She obeyed and thanks to that we have the wonderful Bridgittine order to this day. Their charism of hospitality is so important in a world where families wont even sit around a table to share a meal together any more.

One of the important promises Our Lady gave to St Bridget  are the 7 graces offered for those who meditate and pray the Seven Sorrows (or swords) that pierced Our Lady’s heart.

She promised: to grant peace in our families; to enlighten us on Divine mysteries; consolation in pain and work;that her Son will give what we ask in accordance to His Will; defend us in spiritual battles and be a visible assistance at the hour of death and finally that those who spread this devotion will be taken directly to heaven upon death.

The Seven sorrows are: The prophecy of Simeon; the flight into Egypt; the Loss of Jesus at the Temple; Meeting Jesus on the way to Calvary; standing at the foot of the Cross; Receiving her dead Son into her arms; Jesus placed in the tomb.

Our Blessed Mother re-requested this meditation of Scripture when she appeared at Kibeho in Rwanda.

I wrote about her HERE and HERE on previous feast days.


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