Home ed curriculum Kindergarten/Year 1 (UK)

apart from the joint work you can READ HERE

Reading: We are still using The Oxford Reading Tree books given to us by another HE mum. Avila is working through stage 6 at the moment. As she needs a more Phonic based approach she uses Starfall and for a bit extra I get pages from the McGuffey Readers and some Language Arts

She is able to read well enough now to be confident with story books which she reads to her little sister.

She and Ronan are working through Yummy Spelling. To prevent her reversing her letters and writing from the wrong end of the page she has a wooden moveable alphabet, so she spells the word with these first and then copies it down on her page.

poetry: R L Stevenson and A A Milne mainly.

Writing: She is working through the Starfall downloads and any other writing sheets I make for her usually as part of her Latin lessons.

Maths: She is working through Math U See Alpha at the moment and will start Mathematical Reasoning Level A in Sept. (NB I am wondering what to do with the Maths programme for the future. All our group is using Math U See so we share the DVDs but I find the process of getting hold of the stuff really really difficult and long winded. Also, as photocopying the workbooks is not allowed under their copyright it can be a bit expensive. However the course itself is very good indeed and the children work well with the DVD lessons.  The Critical Thinking books are excellent. They seem expensive but you get a good chunky book for the money and the copyright allows for photocopying within the family which helps a lot.)

RE We will begin the Faith and Life Series again along with continuing Catechism and other Bible Stories; most often I follow the Liturgical year and we study that Sunday’s Gospel. Saints stories with minibooks.

Critical thinking Visual Perceptual Skills Book 1 and Hands On Thinking Skills.(this is something all 3 of the younger ones love doing. I’ve got it lent out to another family atm)

Read Alouds and Listening: apart from the joint stuff she likes to have the Ballet stories of Swan Lake, Coppalia, Nutcracker etc from her big Usborne Ballet book. There’s a few more but I’ll link them as we go along.


2 responses to “Home ed curriculum Kindergarten/Year 1 (UK)

  1. Your year looks well rounded, Shell. Glad you are using the Yummy Daily Spelling. We worked through it last year and had a blast. I am working on the new one for this year called The Spelling Artist. We too will be using more mini-books. I will be adding more over the next few months along with more keepsake pages. My goal is to have quite a few that correspond to the themes in Faith in Life Level 2 as that is the text I use to teach with in my CCD class. I use my minibooks in the classroom quite effectively.

    I hope you will continue to share the Latin worksheets you make for the kids with us. It’s hard to find nice gentle but thoughful Latin sheets for young ones.

    BTW – I just discovered that the bookshelf pic uptop is a link to more stuff. So I have been exploring there. 🙂


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