Charlotte Mason (ish) curriculum grade 2 (yr 3 UK)

Apart from all the WORK THEY DO TOGETHER here is what I have planned for Ronan for the Autumn term and beyond (whoops am I having a Toy Story moment there?)

Reading: A lot of his reading is independent now, so he can read whatever he likes. For reading to me he is working through Tomie de Paola’s 26 Fairmount Ave books. He also has a couple of Stage 14 Oxford Reading Tree books he would like to go back to.

I intend to print off some of the Treasure Chest comics for him as we go through various subjects.

poetry: Walter de la Mare and Christina Rossetti among others.

yummy spelling and some online spelling stuff.

Language Arts: Language Smarts C and Language of God B (which is a bit easy for him but revision is good for the soul). I am looking to get some Seton books after Christmas or thereabouts. I also dip into Sheldon’s Primary and such like. (Check out my list by clicking on the bookcase at the top of my sidebar).

Science; We are still working through the Apologia Astronomy and intend to start the Botany book in the series, Then I want to move on to Usborne book of Energy, Forces and Motion. There’s quite a few other science stuff which I’ll probably post on as we go along.

Nature Study; The Nature Detective Handbook. There are other books in the series which I hope to get at some point.

Maths: He has Math U See alpha to finish off and should move on to Beta within a couple of weeks of term starting. He will also be doing Mathematical Reasoing level C and Complete the Picture Math book 3.

Critical Thinking: Building Thinking Skills level 1 He is quite a way through this book.

RE Faith and Life book 3 Our Life With Jesus. Also some St Joe books and my big ol’ Hamlyn Bible which I think is about the same as the  Golden Children’s Bible recommended by Memoria Press. My Bible is the Catholic Children’s one- but the only difference between mine and dh’s children’s Bible is mine has Maccabees. (As an aside I think it is very important that children learn about the Maccabees as their revolt shaped 1st century Palastine and Jewish thought quite considerably).

There’s plenty of good saint resources on THAT RESOURCE SITE to keep us going too.

other stuff: cooking, craft and making mechanical things of strangeness with his oldest brother will continue as before.


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