those looooong car journeys.

“I need a WEEEEEEE!”

“I feel sick..bleurgh!”

“Are we nearly there yet?”

and just when it’s too hot and the traffic has ground to a halt, “He’s looking out of my window!”

We will have some long haul journeys over the next few weeks so I have started to put together my “in car” stuff to keep the children happy and sickless along the way.

Into the Bag of Wonderment I have some books with CDs; Gulliver’s Travels, Pinocchio, Frog and Toad and The Story of Ping.  We have some other stories without books too.

Health warning: reading while a car is on the move can cause headache and sickness, so it’s not a good idea for sicky kids to follow in a book.

To try and keep sickness at bay I have made a cordial which will be added to their water bottles.


2inches of fresh ginger chopped

2 sticks of lemongrass chopped

one small bottle of agave syrup or a bit less (you can use sugar)

about a pint of water and a splash of lemon juice

boil and steep. That’s it.

Further into the Bag of Wonderment we have crayons,  paper, printed off mazes and some games from That Resource Site and a few simple Montessori card games for Heleyna.

I’ve also printed off a money matching game from Sparklebox and a frog counting game.

There will not be scissors in the car but they can use a stick glue.

I am going to buy three of those sugar paper scrapbooks-if they still exist for sticking pictures and general stuff from the journey, holiday and beyond.

Lots of toilet stops and running around moments along the way might make the journey longer but it feels shorter because of the lack of whinging and vomiting.

For really long journeys- such as to Scotland- I make an All Day Picnic and keep apples and bananas in the car. An all day picnic means there is food when we get there so we don’t get tempted to buy take-away and ruin the budget.

Also I keep babywipes, sick bags (make sure there are NO HOLES in the bag) nappy sacks and kitchen roll. Easy access spare clothing is worth having too. This covers all eventualities from spilling drinks and getting covered in food (eg Heleyna) to sudden and unexpected throwing up (Ronan). For those who accidentaly sit on their insulin pen (Josh) I have no remedy- but I am glad he wears jeans so no one had to pull glass out of his bottom!


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