Tagged for Devotional meme

Ages ago Rita tagged me for this meme and I am afraid I was too slack and going off on other things to get around to doing it properly. Now Karen has tagged me as well. So here it is:

I am to name 5 favorite devotions – Mass is NOT to be included – and then tag 5 other people and let them know they’ve been tagged, and then give the person you tagged a link back to the post you’ve completed.

1. Morning Prayer from Divine Office I also love Compline but don’t get around to it as often.

2. Seven Sorrows Rosary. This is linked with my beloved St Bridget of Sweden and others and has more recently been re-reminded by Our Lady of Kibeho. The 7 Sorrows are: the prophecy of Simeon (a sword will pierce your heart), the exile to Egypt, the loss of the Christ Child when He stayed in the Temple; Mary greets her son at the Cross; the crucifixion; Mary receives her Son from the cross; Jesus is laid in the tomb.

3. The Prayer of St Michael.

4.The quickie from Divine Mercy; Jesus I trust in You.

5. The Rosary – sometimes as Lectio Divina.

Oh and I love…well I had better stop there.

So now I tag, Deb,  Swissy,   Therese and anyone else of whatever faith background who has favourite devotions to share, and anyone who hasn’t already done this.


One response to “Tagged for Devotional meme

  1. Do you mind adding my new blog to your links please?

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