Emergency curriculum for hard time in Home Education.

Talked to my friend K yesterday. She a great source of common sense and reasurrance. I am a bit more on top of the pain today so I want to take a look at the curriculum and adjust it accordingly. K suggests I keep it reading heavy and just about everything else light until after Christmas. That sounds good and it’s a target for me. By then I should have hospital appoitments sorted and know more about what I’m dealing with here. Also surely, some of the meds will be working and I can function better than this!

There are plenty of books I think the children can deal with themselves and a few I can read to them or get someone else to read to them. There’s some good free audio online as well. I have been looking at buying CDs or MP3s with some books but the cost is silly.

I want to keep up the Critical Thinking Stuff- but it’s fairly self explanatory so I think it is one of those things where they could do it while I sit with them but it wont do me in.

One thing K pointed out was that because the children are used to learning and want to learn that they will keep ticking over for a long time, just doing it all.

I’m going to try and put up my booklist and alternative approach in the next few days. When I’ve managed it I will post it. K pointed out that peace of mind will come if I am assured they are still doing better than they would in school. I had to laugh. One of the advantages of Ed Balls version of education is that no matter how ill I get, I would have to try hard to make the children’s education worse than they’d get in school.  Being ill though does start allowing the “what will other people think?” thoughts to creep back.  I am not going to let that happen. My attitude will be, that those who think the children are missing out on something can offer to try and fill the gap. If they just want to criticise and walk on by-well that’s their problem and not mine or my children’s.

I am looking at trying to get a few fill in books that are all-inclusive workbooks. Classical approaches tend to have more of these. I’m not sure about this yet.

ECG tomorrow and I have heard that waiting to see a Cardiologist should be 5 weeks at the most. Not sure if I am being referred to the Renal clinic too or whether it will come from Cardio (must ask tomorrow). I am guessing the wait might be a bit less as the GP wants to rush it. That sort of info does make it more sensible to think about more full on HE after Christmas.

Iona starts her Open University course next week, so she is set up. I haven’t bought the Logic course yet. I might need to leave that until after Christmas too. She has some work still which is good and I think she and Alex are still busy with their joint project.

Alex is working hard trying to get some art done that he can sell and he is out there at this moment looking for a job. Josh has a job and is looking at Uni placements. It’s not proving easy. Hope he can get on a nursing course for year and transfer to paramedic next year.

So the biggies are doing what they are supposed to be doing. So as Wallace would say, “Don’t worry, everything’s under control!”

Of course they always drive into a bridge or something  just then….


2 responses to “Emergency curriculum for hard time in Home Education.

  1. You and yours remain in my prayers.

    We battle on and on, it is a shame that it doesn’t always feel like the NHS is on our side.

    God Bless.

  2. Not sure if you have seen this

    and more gathered here


    You are very wise, lots of reading, it is amazing how much they learn.

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