Quick update…

ECG was normal this am which is good. BP is down a bit too. I tell you what, this new drug is making a new woman out of me; no more sausage fingers; I have my ankles back (mostly) and my face and neck are coming and going. That is weird I grant you- yesterday I suddenly noticed my face and neck swelling had just gone. No more double chin. Today it’s back but nowhere near as bad as before. I do get oedema in the oddest of places.

Anyway; blood tests on Friday and then doc again in 2 weeks and probably be seeing the Cardiologist after that.  A normal ECG doesn’t rule out renal and heart failure but it does mean if I do have it I have a better prognosis than if the ECG showed anomalies as well. That’s good.

A friend took me to the docs this am. I told him I thought this was God’s way of having a go at me. I absolutely LOATHE going to the doctors and thanks to this business I have already been 3 times in 3 weeks and have to go back on Friday. Somebody is having a right larf at my expense! Still, He does seem to be hearig all those prayers. I am coping much better with both the pain and exhaustion- which is marvellous. Thank you so much all those of you with sore knees on my behalf 🙂

Anyway we’ll see what happens next.


7 responses to “Quick update…

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, ducks, but so sorry that you’re having to go through all this.

    (I know what you mean about the doctor’s. I hate dislike mine just a little less than the dentist. My doctor is always telling me how old and/or ugly I am. The only reason I stick with him is that he’s lovely with the children!

    Hope you continue to improve.

    • Good grief Danae I would be tempted to swing my crutch if the doc told me I was old and ugly (although he may have a point lol)
      I am lucky that this GP is a good’un. I just find the whole process increases how exhausted I feel-and yet it has to be done I s’pose.

  2. I hope you continue to get answers and improvement! I’ve been away from the online world for a few days… last Wednseday I had a ton of bloodwork done (20 vials worth), and it took me longer than I expected to feel “right” again. For some reason it totally wiped me out – for days! Frustrating… But I’m glad your recent test came back with positive results and info! I’m hopeful that we’ll get some more info from my bloodwork. We’ll see. I’m thankful my doc listens to me – but still detest going in. I go in weekly for nutrient IVs – not fun, but helpful since digestion is an issue. After tomorrow’s IV there are trigger point injections planned – ick!!!!! I’ll be glad to get home tomorrow and relax.

    • Thanks Nonna- you of all people know all too well what this is like. Fight the good fight.
      I have been looking at how renal and heart failure might be linked to fibro. I have found it is linked to CFS and ME so that would probably include us fibro folk as we come under the CFS banner I think.
      Had a friend over yesterday after the docs. She didn’t stay that long but after she left I was so utterly shattered I fell asleep.
      Going to the doc weekly is a true cross.
      Prayers for you and yours. At least we can carry ours together a litte bit.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling slightly better. Hope it’s the beginning of continued improvement. I’ve been thinking of you today since they had a piece on fibromyalgia on the news this morning…which I never watch! They spoke briefly about how some drug that is typically used for another condition (didn’t hear exactly since I had just turned it on and was busy quieting the kids) was not approved for use for fibromyalgia since the side effects didn’t outweigh the benefits. They did mention Lyrica and Cymbalta. Spoke of how this isn’t a degenerative disease, but that it’s chronic.

    I do hope you get some relief and I’m so happy to hear the positive news.

    • That’s interesting.I’ll have to look those up. Thank you.
      Yes fibro is considered chronic rather than degenerative. With this happening to me I am wondering what the evidence for opportunistic disease is. Fibro is thought to be autoimmune (though the rheumi who dx me said it wasn’t – which is odd because the research so far says it is). I wonder then if this sudden blip in my situation is because something else can attack the body which is already immune compromised. Don’t know but it’s interesting; bit like flu- it isn’t too bad alone but it opens the door to stuff like pneumonia.
      Is there something in fibro that opens the door to whatever causes renal and heart failure?
      It is interesting- just wish it wasn’t actually happening to me LOL.

  4. Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up, i did finally respond to your last email, last night. Please God, may you continue to see some improvement with th taking of the medication.

    Medicatedly yours

    Deb x

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