Theology of Suffering from Fr Stan

Get a grip of this suffering malarky by listening and watching Fr Stan teach on it. You can click on the bookcase at the top of my side bar or you can click HERE and HERE and HERE. He doesn’t just rap you know 🙂

Yesterday I went to the doc again. This appt was for bloods to be taken. However, one of the really irritating aspects of this problem of mine is my inability to concentrate or remember anything. (It’s making putting together coherant blog entries and worksheets a bit difficult to say the least). So, I turn up with poor old dh in tow. He had rearranged the families he was supposed to see so he could come with me. And they didn’t take the blood; because it was a FASTING blood test and I had forgotten. I had forced myself to eat breakfast despite the awful nausea, because I thought it would help keep me coping with the blood being taken! What an eejit! *sigh*. Fortunately dh is the forgiving sort.

I have to go back on Tues for FASTING bloods-which I have written in big letters on the kitchen board so I don’t forget this time. Alex will go with me. I know a lot of people don’t approve of older children getting involved with family sickness but Alex has been through a lot lot worse than this recently. He is an adult and copes very well. I am grateful.


One response to “Theology of Suffering from Fr Stan

  1. Lol. My ob wanted some fasting blood tests when I was pregnant. I kept on forgetting to fast too. I ended up at one of the clinics telling the midwife that I forgot to fast the mornings that I could go. As it turned out, the ob that requested these blood tests stopped coming to our town for pregnancy clinic and the new ob didn’t want the fasting blood tests.

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