Could we start an educational revolution in home education?

With the launch of Kelly’s book and some musings on the subject by Danae, I’ve been thinking about how Home Education could change the face of education as a whole in the UK. Scotland have their own little battle going on at the moment thanks to the astonishing crassness of a Labour SMP and his remarks about the horrific tragedy of the Riggi case. It is a case that has had horrible echoes for me of something closer to home (though no HE children involved). Perhaps if the Labour SMP could spend some time considering the horror of divorce and it’s impact on children? No? Thought not.

Meanwhile I have been wondering if it is time for more home education to happen, lots more of it.

Could we spread the message so far that more and more parents decide that a suitable education is one that the family offers the children? In a strange way we even seem to have the MSM on our side, in as much as it is filled with so many horror stories of what goes on in schools and the state of pupils that come out of institutional education. Perhaps as more teachers are sacked for trying to do their job properly, and while Ofsted gets it wrong so often, and more and more children are leaving school illiterate, tbere just has to be a better way. Couldn’t that better way be home education?

I know Michael Gove hopes more free schools will come into existence but I think he is stimmied on that for the forseeable future because of the appalling amount of beaurocracy any groups of parents would have to wade through to get the thing off the ground. And let’s face it; there is massive opposition to the idea of mere parents, especially if they happen to be middle class, taking their children’s education too seriously. We haven’t got past the horrible cultural view of “leave it to the experts” yet by an stretch.

Home Education could be the answer for so many children stagnating in a system that doesn’t help them learn or grow. If more parents took the optionand offered their children a truly flexible and worthwhile form of educaiton we might find lots of cultural problems could at least be curbed a little.

I am not saying all home educating families are saints and that all home ed parents put the welfare and education of their children first. I know some HE parents seem to think that, but I have a long and broad experience of HE and have come across  a couple of families over the years who just weren’t good at parenting, let alone educating their children. Chaos and sheer nastiness ensued.  Those families, however, have proved thankfully rare and anyway most HEers steer clear once burned.  In school children are forced to get burned over and over and the horrible behaviour, far from being shunned is enabled by the system.

Perhaps if more and more parents pulled out of the broken system and demand a new one was thought of there could be change. Meanwhile the basis of this system, which was to feed workers to the factories Ofsted thinks should upfront be financed by these private firms. If this isn’t telling is what Ofsted and the Government structure think education is for, I don’t know what does.

Of course many parents who tell me they would love to HE are stuck in the economics of needing two incomes. They are in so deep they can’t even see themselve managing on one and half wages.  I can’t say I blame them. Managing on one wage is extrememly difficult and that’s with doing without a load of stuff these other families take for granted.  But perhaps if enough parents thought the sacrifice was worth it…

I wonder if it would change the way people think. Would more families lean towards a distributist way of life as communities grew stronger with more families living their lives in these communities. No more streets emptied all day as mum goes one way, dad the other way and the children to the locked building up the road. What if instead the families lived and worked together and shared their resources?  It would surely make life easier for single parents too, to be more involved in their local community and able to home ed and work because other families would assist.

There is a move to make school attendence voluntary- but the fact is, as the law stands now, no one HAS to go to school. The question then is, why do so many parents send their children to school? Why is that normal, and home education seen as weird?


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