Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

It’s never too late to be blessed.

It’s the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady today.

The sotry of how she came to be born is found in the Proto-evangelium of James. That is a book with an interesting history, because it has always been so well respected as a good honest place to find information. It might not be inspired Scripture (though if memory serves it was one of the books to be considered before the the Council of Rome settled the Canon).

The story of how saints Anna and Joachim really wanted a baby, but like so many women before her, Anna found that she was getting too old. But God took pity and heard her prayers. She had a lovely daughter, Mary and in thanks for her blessing dedicated Mary to the Temple.

I think it is also the PEJ that tells us how Mary took her vow of perpetual virginity becoming a consecrated virgin in the service of God. This is why she asked how she was going to have a baby when the angel Gabriel told her. After all, in normal circumstances she would marry Joseph and have children in the usual way- but her btrothal to Joseph was a special one. He was (according to small t tradition) an older man who would marry a consecrated virgin to be her guardian rather than husband. That is what he did. Mary was not asked to renage on her vow to have Jesus.

Many women have become mothers after calling on the aid of St Anna’s prayers.

Happy Birthday Mother. 🙂