Doc appt and it looks ok

  I saw the GP this morning for blood results and more BP checking. The bloods were clear, so that along with the clear ECG means my heart is still ticking along and the murmer hasn’t done anything it shouldn’t.

My BP is down a bit too. He decided I should go to a Hypertension Unit rather than see the cardio so I am now awaiting that.  They can check out BP and kidney probs.

The rest of it seems more likely to be a major fibro flare. He’s changed my meds to deal with the nausea but I am still stuck about pain relief as he has no answers now I can’t take Amitrip. Our money situation meant I had cancelled the last Chiro appt but to be honest I think I really need to go, so we are just going to bite the bullet and I’m going. I’ll ring them early next week.

So I potter on. If anyone has pain reduction tips I’m all ears.

At this point I would renew my self promise to avoid doctors like the plague, but as I have this Hypertension whatsit coming up, I can’t. Harumph!Kicking Dirt


One response to “Doc appt and it looks ok

  1. prayers for a pain management solution!

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