St Ninian’s Papal Tartan oooh.

Sr Kath emailed me today. I’m afraid I haven’t seen very much at all of the Papal visit to Scotland, but she tells me it was brilliant and she hopes he gets as good a welcome here in England. I hope so too. Hospitality is such an important virtue.

Anyway she also told me there is a new tartan made specially for the event, a St Ninian Papal tartan. The Holy Father wore it as a scarf around his shoulders yesterday. She hopes she can get some.

I hope we can get some too.

Al and the three oldest are off to Cofton Park at some unearthly hour on Sunday morning. The boys are going to be at church even earlier to help with the car parking as people come to catch the coaches.

Friends are coming over to spend the day with me and the smalls as we watch the event on telly. My guess is that EWTN’s coverage will be the best so we’ll probably go with that.

I am looking forward to hearing our Holy Father speak, and I want to read it afterwards. The real words, not the mangled MSM versions. I think he will have something to teach us.


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