Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Great day with the Pope yesterday

At the unearthly time of 4:15 am Al and the three biggies got up and went to church to catch a coach to Cofton Park where the Holy Father was going to say Mass and beatify the local lad John Henry Cardinal Newman.

I stayed home with the three smalls and friends came over to watch the whole event of telly. We watched EWTN rather than suffer the BBC coverage. I hear  the commentary via the BBC was pretty awful with the commentator even talking about silence through the time of silence LOL. Mr Arroyo has more style methinks.

It was pretty cold and wet when they first arrived but the rain stopped and the sun came out as soon as Papa Beni arrived. The four intrepid Mass goers had a wonderful time among the other 80,000 or so congregation.

Sadly they didn’t get much in the way of photos, but it was Mass, so I guess that’s fair enough. Everyone was really joyful to see him and have the father here who spoke so clearly about what we need.

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Malone’s school for boys and Frank Field’s school for parents. Makes you wonder…

I watched the second part of Gareth Malone’s Extraordinary School for Boys t’other night. It was very interesting, and I found it quite disturbing in places.  Then I saw Danae’s post on Frank Fields and I am wondering what to make of it all.  More comments have been added to the bbc blog on Gareth’s endevour some raising points I was going to talk about here. One dad in particular picked up on something I noticed. He is a dad of one of the boys in the programme and didn’t turn up the the “meeting” because it was held at 3:30pm on a week day. As he pointed out, how many dads could possibly be around at that time of day? Even Gareth muttered something about the time of it in the programme.

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