Great day with the Pope yesterday

At the unearthly time of 4:15 am Al and the three biggies got up and went to church to catch a coach to Cofton Park where the Holy Father was going to say Mass and beatify the local lad John Henry Cardinal Newman.

I stayed home with the three smalls and friends came over to watch the whole event of telly. We watched EWTN rather than suffer the BBC coverage. I hear  the commentary via the BBC was pretty awful with the commentator even talking about silence through the time of silence LOL. Mr Arroyo has more style methinks.

It was pretty cold and wet when they first arrived but the rain stopped and the sun came out as soon as Papa Beni arrived. The four intrepid Mass goers had a wonderful time among the other 80,000 or so congregation.

Sadly they didn’t get much in the way of photos, but it was Mass, so I guess that’s fair enough. Everyone was really joyful to see him and have the father here who spoke so clearly about what we need.

The silly media beforehand was pretty negative and full of the usual guff I believe. I managed to avoid most of it thankfully.

I’m a bit tired and can’t really add much more just, it was lovely to have him here, listen to his words and see someone so holy and humble bring Christ into the midst of a country that had almost forgotten what light and hospitality looks like.


2 responses to “Great day with the Pope yesterday

  1. Wow!! This is so awesome for your family. What a most beautiful opportunity that many will never have in their lifetime. I’m so jealous!!



  2. What a wonderful opportunity for your family!! 🙂

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