Home Education – a parcel and funny stuff with a strange tile making session.

It was Friday morning and I was getting everything ready for our History and Art day.

In the middle of the prepping, which I never can get around to doing the evening before so I can look all organised, the doorbell rang.

The postman was standing there with a box in his arms. My kind friend of Become What You Are fame had sent us some excellent Seton Books, plus a couple of extra ones she had AND some bits’n’bobs; silly bands, American flags and a lovely prayer card and medallian of St Benedict along with some good Texas postcards. These included a picture of one of my favourite animals, an Armadillo.

As far as I’m concerned the fact that Armadillo’s and sloths exist is tantamount to empirical evidence that God has a great sense of humour.

In history the children are learning about the Byzantine Empire and one of the activities was to make a tile.

Now, thanks to fibro-fog and such like I can’t read so well at the moment, so K took over the reading. Then between us, we “professional” type home educators managed to completely misread the insructions for making the tiles.  🙂

Having mixed up one pot of plaster and have it set so quickly the children hadn’t even arranged their marbles for the design yet we set about another lot of plaster. Meanwhile the children had all liberally coated the inside of pots with Vaseline and neatly arranged their marbles.

Heleyna, however was very taken with the silly bands and arranged some into her pattern. As I have mentioned before we let the pre-schoolers join in if they like and she does like.

Finally with marbles (and in Heleyna’s case silly bands) duly arranged the next lot of plaster was poured in.

Then while they were left to set we wondered if we had indeed read the instructions correctly. K went back and checked and  Blushy  discovered we should have put the plaster in first and THEN the marbles.

So when we took the tiles (more like bricks) out of the pots there was some serious chipping to be done. We’ve decided to give it another go next week.

Ronan liked his, but I think we all agreed that Heleyna’s turned out best with her silly band addition.
we’ll see what we manage next week.

The art session was about illuminated manuscripts and book covers. So the children all made their book covers and next week, my friend has some lovely parchment type paper for them to make a good illumiated page for their books.

As we don’t have boxes to tick or targets to jump at, it’s not a complete disaster if something goes wrong, we can just have another go next time.

Tomorrow we will start with the lovely Seton books BWYA has sent.  Thank you 🙂


5 responses to “Home Education – a parcel and funny stuff with a strange tile making session.

  1. I didn’t know you like Armadillos! How neat. We see them quite a bit here and I agree that they (and the sloth) are great evidence of God’s sense of humor!

    Love the tile project. I do like how the silly bands worked out in Heleyna’s!

    Hope the books are more than useful! 🙂

    • The books are brilliant. We are so pleased. We started today with the poem in English 1. This led to a discussion on what happens to how we pray in heaven. Including questions about whether they would need to put their hands together. lol.
      Also the stained glass window book has gone down really well. Did St Francis of Assisi today 🙂

  2. great pictures of the children you should video film some of it? put it on you tube. Those pictures of the children learning having fun would show every one how good home education is! it is very unplifting to read your blog and see the nice things you do with your children. I wish i could join in myself with the activities! mind you im sure you got enough kids to look after!

    • Funny you should say that Peter, I have filmed bits but it’s hard to get around to any reasonable film when I’m educating the children at the same time.
      I am hoping to put something together soon however so watch this space.

  3. I look forward to watching film of the children when you find the time to to put it up on here im sure many people will love to see all the different things you do with your children. You can just see from those pictures what fun the children are having and they are learning to!

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