The well oiled family machine.

We have a routine. We tend to do certain things on certain days whether lessons, work shifts or which night Iona does the cooking. It’s a kind of groove for our family life, without becoming a rut to get stuck in. For it to work well there needs to be some flexibility, so that everyone chips in for emergencies.

This flexibility helps ensure there isn’t too much unnecessary stress. We all just shift around a bit taking over one another’s usual jobs so that it all happens without making a crisis out of a bit of a problem.

So it was today. I watched the whole process shift nicely to accommodate the sudden Vertigo and vomiting attack of Miss Heleyna. I was already in the kitchen preparing the dinner. Roni was getting ready for Beavers and  had arranged who would take him.

As small child clung to her mother with the world spinning and vomit flying, the well oiled family machine kicked into action.

Iona came down and fetched clean clothes for the dizzy one while I washed out bowl, got changed and started a wash going. Then I took back the dizzy one while Iona set about the cooking. Meanwhile Alex came to the rescue to take Ronan to Beavers.

We all just shifted around a bit. No stress.

And the vertigo attack ended after an hour or so and she’s back to normal. Lovely.


3 responses to “The well oiled family machine.

  1. Flexibility is the spice of life:-) Get well soon, Heleyna.

  2. It is great when things still run smoothly even though life is happening around us. I find the same thing happens if Tom wakes with ketones. Usually we can cope with it and still have our routine going.

    So glad Heleyna is feeling better.

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