Resources for your delectation.

I am listening to the lectures from the Institute of Catholic Culture. They aren’t too acedemic, which is good. There’s plenty of good history to be had which I am sure many of you can use with your children. In fact these lectures are straight forward enough for teens I would think.

There’s a great Science Narration set from That Resource Site

My history timeline set is there too.

I like this Headventure Land site too for Classical stuff. I found this via Classical Acedemic Press. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but I emailed asking about downloadable pdf books and they replied straight away, which I think it pretty impressive. They are working on downloadable books so keep an eye on them.

Also you can get your fables in Latin for learning and translation. We don’t use this yet as the children are nowhere near that level, but it does look very good.


2 responses to “Resources for your delectation.

  1. Ooooo – the Latin Fables site looks great… I bookmarked it! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Really useful. Mum6kids- thanks…

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