Home Education: The joys and memories of childhood.

 Squirrel   It was a bright October morning on Thursday when my friend arrived to pick up Ronan and Avila and take them on a day trip to the Safari Park.  Avila, who is 5 went armed with my camera and took some pretty good photos while she was there. The children all had a wonderful time and were still talking about it when they got together for history and art today.

K’s children have had a rough couple of weeks with the grandmother dying and the funeral being on Wednesday. Please keep Margaret and her family in your prayers. Yesterday and today were good days to try and get back on track.

The trip to the Safari park was free. Not something you would expect, but they went about three weeks ago and were offered a free re-admission ticket so long as they took up the offer before the end of the month.

My older, wiser (more cynical) daughter concluded that these tickets get handed out because it makes the park look good, but in reality few people will have the time to take the opportunity to return so soon.

The joy of Home education is that you can always (nearly) find the time.

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I am actually quite impressed with the photos Avila managed to take.

While most of the Charlotte Mason Nature Study stuff is about pine comes and birds and squirrels, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional elephant and camel is there?

(And just in case you’re thinking, ‘Call that Charlotte Mason Education!’ my crip-scooter basket is packed with pine cones.That’s better isn’t it?)


2 responses to “Home Education: The joys and memories of childhood.

  1. very good pictures by a child of 5 and what a good idea to go to a safari park children can learn so much from watching animals. Your home education sounds really good i do enjoy reading what you do with your children.

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