Blist’s Hill a little Vicotorian world.

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We went to Blist’s Hill Museum on Thursday. A good time was had by all.  The photo of Josh and his dad standing in exactly the same pose, drinking their tea made me laugh. Neither of them realised what they looked like together.

I loved the posters and Alex loved the chip shop, with their lovely cooked in beef fat chips.

Heleyna enjoyed the moment she nicked my seat. Cheeky child!

Anyway – a lovely place;  not cheap but not overpriced. I recommend it. If you can get the Passport you can visit all the museums in the Ironbrdge area for next to nothing really.


5 responses to “Blist’s Hill a little Vicotorian world.

  1. Must check it out – thanks Mum6kids:-)

  2. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. that looks so fun! I love the signs.

  4. Thanks ladies.
    I love those signs; especially the convicts, lunatics and women all have no vote one. LOL

  5. love the pictures your children look so happy its great to see.

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