More apple recipes: apple sauce and apple upside down cake

Despite the glut of apples taking up a corner of my kitchen I was foggy enough to BUY some on Friday. So they need using. We had apple sauce with Sunday Dinner today. That’s really simple to make.

Peel, core and chop apples and put them in a smallish saucepan.

Add a little water and cook until soft. Mash them up and there’s the apple sauce. If the apples are tart add a little sugar. I added a dollop of apple jelly instead and stirred it in. Very nice.

Then I peeled and cored even more apples and sliced them. In a larger pan I melted a large dab of butter (about 3oz) with a little olive oil. I always add oil to stop the butter burning-and it does work. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of good cinnamon in and then add the apple slices and cook them until just about soft.

Line an 8 in cake tin and arrange the apple slices to cover the bottom. Leave to one side.

In a bowl put 6oz butter with 5 oz sugar (I always knock off a little sugar) and mix.

Add two eggs a teaspoon of cinnamon and 6 oz of self raising flour (I used normal today but I’ve found gluten free SR flour works fine for this too – but Avila didn’t want this cake today). Add a few drops of Vanilla extract and mix it all up.

Dollop the cake mix onto the apple pieces until it’s covered and then put in the middle of a medium hot oven gas 6 for about 35 minutes.

Turn it out onto a plate, sprinkle with a bit of Demarera sugar, let it cool and get a slice before all the other kids in the house eat it all.


11 responses to “More apple recipes: apple sauce and apple upside down cake

  1. that looks delicious! YUM. I think I might have to bake one (though I will have to buy apples!) I made lemon curd “jam tarts” last night, so I think I’ll have to give baking a rest for a day or two. Don’t want to overexert myself! LOL

  2. Mmmmmmmmm!!! This sounds so good… no energy for baking lately – but once I’m on top of things again I might have to try it… 🙂

  3. Sounds very nice i be round later for a large slice of the apple cake! more people should bake a lot of children think you only get a cake from the shop.I love to have seen all the childrens faces when they tasted the apple cake.

    • These kind of recipes are so quick, cheap and easy, even little ones can have a go.
      Btw I saw your lad on C4 and despite the obvious editing I thought he held his own very well.

  4. can you please put the title of your blog on the picture- what im doing makes more sense then, i think….

  5. Btw I saw your lad on C4 and despite the obvious editing I thought he held his own very well.
    yes they was a great deal of filming left on the cuting room floor including the filming of Peter at taekwow-do and a very nice trip to London we are very unhappy with the director the director also said he wanted to film Peter with his friends but never did! we will be bloging about in detail to a complaint has been made about the issue of the private school to.

    • Yes – I noticed that in a programme following a lot of children and obviously heavily edited, that there was SO much time given to a man about a child who NEVER attended his school! I just thought it was weird. I look forward to your post on the experience.

  6. The mans name is Andrew Martin he does teach chess at the school chess club a complaint has been sent to the school governors by recorded post and will arrive today! he said that giifted children home educated are vulnerable and stated that interaction was an issue for home educated children! We will be puting up the formal letter of complaint we sent to Yateley Manor school governors on our blog.

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