The Educational Paradigm in our Home Education.

It seems that Sir Ken Robinson and his great ideas is making him the darling of Home Educating parents. THIS Youtube Vid is doing the HE rounds. While I can’t disagree with Robinson on his view of modern factory schooling and I have said more than once that one of the primary reasons to home educate is so that our children are not subjected to the stultification of the National Curriculum., I think the root of the educational paradigm problem is the lack of truth and humanity. It is because the nature of the person is not recognised, that schools crush it and with it they crush creativity.

The other massive problem in education today is the complete lack of history. The arrogance of those who dismiss the people of the past as though they have nothing whatsoever to teach us, who [believe we] are further along the evolutionary line and therefore nearer Superman than those idiot Jesuits and medieval peasants. Even Robinson falls into this trap with his silly ahistorical remark about only those who could afford it getting a Jesuit education. Umm, so the untouchables of India were rolling in dosh were they, when St Francis Xavior SJ was teaching them? And the indians in Paraguay? Oh and the slave labour Indians in South America who relied on the Jesuits and Dominicans to help fight for their rights, and education – they were rich? 

As soon as I see people say things that are simply not true, I question the rest of their words. So I treat Robinson’s words with extreme caution, though my inclination is to agree with him. [But I agree more with the Man who said someone who can’t be trusted with the small things, certainly can’t be trusted with the big ones.]

The lack of history in education is raised often in some political circles, so that it even reaches the mainstream press occasionally. Bizarrely then, I read comments in blog articles about the degree price hike problem in which a degree in history is considered pointless. [Perhaps if it’s not real history it is].

Schools have no sense of reason, habit of virtue or sense of where we come from. They have, therefore, no foundation from which to teach.

I want my children to learn who they are and what is real and true. I want them to hone their reason so that they have the tools for discernment. I want them to know, in some depth, where they have come from, and who the genuine great thinkers were and what they thought. I want them to appreciate beauty, because in that there is truth to be found.

There is no point in critical thinking if all that is spouted is unfounded opinion and relativism.

There is no point is the absolutes of mathematics if everything is relative.

There is no point in history, if there is only black legend and fog.

And there is no point in literacy is there is nothing worth reading.

Charlotte Mason’s educational atmosphere is built on the strong foundation of the habits of discipline and honing virtue, so that children grow in the genuine hope of discovery; the discovery of truthful things. She wrote in the assumption that truths do not contradict one another. She wrote with an understanding of the place of the family and the genuine personhood of all children. “Children are born persons,” she wrote. There are in fact conceived persons- personhood is a state of being; a rational being.

Schools offer none of this. Personhood is lost in the demands of the factory machine. Machine’s don’t think, they don’t reason; they just “do.”

I don’t want my children to “do” I want them to “be.” There are persons in their own right-and always will be.

4 responses to “The Educational Paradigm in our Home Education.

  1. “It is because the nature of the person is not recognised, that schools crush it and with it they crush creativity.”

    That recognising who someone is, and building on it, is key, isn’t it? I’d love to stand in front of a conference of teachers and change the way the wind is blowing.

  2. Loved this post!!! It seems many of us CM homeschoolers want the same things for our children and the school systems do not come close to offering them. What a wonderful way to reinforce and uplift us with the reminders of why we home educate and how it will hopefully and eventually develop better citizens and Christians. Thank you!! 🙂


  3. Thanks everyone; I’m glad you understand what I’m trying to say here.
    I agree Kalei, the reason CM works is because the foundation of her method is the Christocentric understanding of the human person.
    Whatever paradigm shifts might happen in modern state education (and frankly I don’t see ANY minor movement, let alone shift) it will still fail children and families, while the nature of personhood is ignored or refused recognition.
    That’s my humble opinion anyway.

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