Home Education Freebies.

Check out That Reource blog on a regular basis.  I’ve done some litte Greek and Latin sheets to go with Linney’s Latin and KidsGreek. (NB. KidsGreek needs to be opened in Firefox and you’ll need to download the Greek lexicon to read the lessons properly. It’s all free).

You can download a pdf LATIN HERE and the GREEK HERE


2 responses to “Home Education Freebies.

  1. Thanks for the reminder about it Shell. There is so many good blogs and resources out there it is hard to remember them all. I have subscribed via email for this one now so should be set to keep up with it.

    Have you made any plans for advent yet? I am mulling around in my head what we will do for it.

  2. Hi Shell,
    Just wanted to let your readers know that Blogger (Google) is updating their equipment somehow and many of the links on our blog are down at the moment. 😦 Today’s and yesterday’s posts seem to be coming up alright but everything else seems gone. Hopefully they will rectify this soon!!


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