Heart rending conversation about home education.

On Thursday we made it into town to attend a home ed group we haven’t managed to get to before. Everyone had a good time and it was great to meet some new families taking the step to home educate despite some obvious trepidation.

There were a couple of teens there too. One of the mums asked Iona if she had any regrets about home education. She had home educated all her children from the start so none of them had been to school, and the oldest was now 24.

To my surprise Iona said “Yes.” I was actually talking to someone else at the time but her answer made us all look at her. She said she regretted that she had ever been to school because she feels she has missed out on so much knowledge and skill. She told how she walks Ronan to Beavers sometimes and as he walks along he tells her all sorts of things about what he has been learning. She said he seems to know so much about so many varied things- astronomy in particular – and she never had that varied and broad education at that age.

While she has had better chances to learn since she was pulled from school (about 5 yrs ago) she said she still feels she missed something that the younger three are having.

I was quite touched by what she said-and certainly the other mums and teens there nodded quietly in understanding and agreement.


5 responses to “Heart rending conversation about home education.

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  2. Beautiful post. Thanks Mum6kids.

  3. You are a great writer, and you write great things.

  4. I remember feeling that way when I began being homeschooled – I didn’t get to start until after my first term in high school. I remember feeling like I had wasted so much time! I’m so thankful that my boys have been able to be educated at home from the beginning… 🙂

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