The White Paper on Education; does it mean anything for Home Education?

The awaited white paper on education has been published. The media have various things to say on it, but there seems some sensible suggestions there.  Some of the media report that there will be more freedom in the curriculum but I don’t get the impression this means the banal national curriculum will be scrapped.

Ofsted say that bad teachers need to be sacked! Well Duh! But of course as all the comments below various articles tell us, getting rid of bad teachers is nigh on impossible. There is a view that the unions protect bad teachers at the expense of everyone else.

Then there’s the constant refrain that parents need to be more involved with their children’s education. But despite the fact that under law (Ed Act Section 7) parents have the primary legal right and duty to ensure our children receive a suitable education, parents still send their children to schools where nothing much like education happens.  It is made more difficult by the fact that those of us who did ever try and get to grips with what our children learned and were soon told to butt out and leave it to the “experts” and “professionals”.

Anyway, I can’t help thinking that Mr Gove is attacking the problem from the wrong angle.

Why are so few children able to learn in school? Why do so many leave school and have no literacy or numeracy skills and not enough social skill to get a job? Why are teachers in primary school complaining that children can’t talk?

Why do, apparently intelligent young people who have a string of qualifications to their name so often come across as socially awkward, unreliable and not very sensible?

I think there are a lot of root problems that need some serious weed killer before lopping of the heads of the weeds. The root problem is that families are not caring for their children much these days, institutions are. 

This is thanks to a massive push begun before Labour got their mits on power, to have both parents in work and to force single parents back into work before their children have learned to talk!

The media reports on the white paper don’t even mention the role of parents as primary educators. Is this because of shoddy journalism,  or is it because the paper doesn’t mention parents either?

10 responses to “The White Paper on Education; does it mean anything for Home Education?

  1. The media depends on working parents to buy their newspapers, and it is an unpalatable truth: I wonder if parents are unaware that the real luxury is living a life alongside our children, walking each step of the way, and watching them develop as only they ever will.

    • The media portray a standard of living as “normal” that most of us couldn’t hope to aspire to. I wonder if that puts far too much pressure on people to be like that.
      They put all that first as though that is what life is about and being with the children is secondary. But then the myth that parents and children don’t get on is heavily pushed in the MSM too.
      I’ll never forget someone telling me how her dd had talked about being HEd and having a mum at home and someone said, “I wish my mum loved me that much.” Heart breaking.

  2. Well written post… 🙂 I don’t know what the solutions are – but parents are going to have to be the ones to find them.

  3. Once again, marvellous post. Parents have the duty to educate, all right, but do most of them know that? I suspect not. Parent-bashing is all the rage these days.

    • I think a lot of parents have no idea the duty lies with them; they think it’s the Govt’s job and that’s why they think school is compulsory, as only schools educate. So, no matter how bad the education is, they feel powerless because that’s where the “experts and professionals” are.

  4. …seconding all of your post. Just off to see if the text of the thing is available yet.

  5. The root problem is that families are not caring for their children much these days, institutions are.

    you are so right its also harder for parent as in mnay cases both go out to work leaving kids on there own to much! its like a trap you got to have all those things big house with all the lastest machines in it nice car etc that parents/peopel feel there have to do this! this suits government who have a ready source of people to do the work! Gove dont care about most children why would he? he was educated at a private school! but likes to keep that quiet!

    • Indeed far too many children are left alone for huge amounts of time after and before school. I used to see a lad at the local shop after school who would buy crisps and chocolate-quite a lot of it. I bet that was his tea before his parents finally got home.

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