Frugal Friday: freebies.

I’m going to try and do some Frugal Friday posts- whether freebies or cheapies or some ideas for keeping the debt collectors at bay.

Today’s are Freebies. THIS WEBSITE offers quite a few free downloads and games for children learning Greek, Latin and Spanish using the books from Classical Acedemic Press. We haven’t any of their books yet, but I hope we can get some soon. Even so the free colouring books for Greek and Latin vocab are useful and I think fit in reasonably well with Linney’s Latin and his free MP3s and KidsGreek which is also free.

While we are on the subject of languages I recomment free British Sign Language Stories, which is just a lovely site.

Just as interest I noticed that Latin is to be part of the Baccalaureate . It must have mentioned in the White Paper. Latin and Greek are both classical languages that open up a whole world of linguistic understanding and history. Also it’s just fun for the children.


2 responses to “Frugal Friday: freebies.

  1. Hi, Mom6Kids!

    Holy Heroes/Glory Stories (the company I write Saint’s radio plays for) is offering free daily Advent Adventure activities. Sign up for daily emails to the right of the page. More “FREE!” resources. There are also good discounts for various coloring books and audio materials if one is on the email list for Advent Adventures (and then they offer daily Lenten activities as well when that season comes ’round)

    Good news, too – they are going to be making more Glory Stories – I just sent them the radio play of the story of St Valentine at their request.

  2. What a great idea, pet. And great links. Thanks again (I seem to be always thanking you!)
    I would like there to be a real choice on the Nat Curr, not just what bureaucrats think should be there. However, it’ll be sweet to see Latin and Greek make a comeback.

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