Fibromyalgia – coping strategies.

  I’ve just spent the last 24hrs strapped to one of those all day sphig things, again.  It’s nice when it’s over. Anyway, I was thinking it was time I did another “how to cope” post on fibro, especially as the freezing temps make pain worse.

Layering is the answer to being warm. I am not ashamed to admit I’ve been walking around in leggings and two maxi dresses or leggings and trousers as well as very thick socks. Yep, I admit it, I am the very epitome of fashion faux pas. But I am warm, and that’s all that matters.Frosty

I have found a reasonably good way of dealing with the constant hand and wrist pain. I have a pair of Imak arthritis gloves. They are pretty ugly but they work. They are just elastic tight gloves that somehow squeeze my hands enough to help the pain. No idea why they work. The wrist support isn’t strong so I have been using an elastic bandage in the evenings when it’s worse just as extra. Some people also recommend those wrist supports for carpel tunnel syndrome.

I leave the gloves on the heater for a while because hot gloves work even better.

The next step for me is to get an eye test. Since my last flare I’ve had real problems with my eyes. Sometimes I can see perfectly ok, but often I have this weird blurry fuzziness that is like migraine aura without the black spots and zigzag lines. It often is followed by extra head and facial pain, but not a migraine. Weird. Anyway I’ve put it down to the joys of fibro but as this is a “coping” post I do need to say that sensible people do go to the docs about new symptoms or old symptoms getting much worse. I’ve decided I will go once I’ve had the eye test and after the BP results. Obviously if I have serious hypertension that might explain the headaches and blurred vision anyway. I think those of us with fibro get a bit fed up of going to the docs so while it pays to be cautious, I’m not one to go unless I really think I have to.

I’ve looked around fibro sites but haven’t found any recommendations for the blurry/fuzzy headed vision stuff. But obviously I am not driving. Don’t worry I’m not about to kill anyone 🙂

The hands problem is a bit easier to get around. I can’t write for long but I can type; and as I can touch type reasonably I don’t necessarily need to be able to see that well; but I apologise for typos just in case  Tongue Out 
There’s ways around the cooking too. I have lazy garlic and have been buying baby carrots occasionally. Sometimes you just have to do it. So, the answer there is to make extra time for cooking so you can chop veg and not feel pressured by time and pain.

A simple thing on this is have a really sharp knife. It is much harder to chop stuff with a blunt knife and that increases pain. Sharp knife = less pain. Well, it works for me.

The other thing I have found helpful is the slow cooker. I am always in less pain in the mornings so if I can cook then, it’s quicker and easier. I can’t do that all the time, but it helps to do it sometimes.


7 responses to “Fibromyalgia – coping strategies.

  1. Thanks for this post..hope you are better..

  2. Ducks, you are so admirable coping with such a horrid state. I salute you.

  3. If you have fibro, you have to stay warm, i wear lots of layers too. One of the nice things about getting older is you care less and less what you look like and you really dont care about what other people think about you. Being warm and comfy is what matters.

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  5. Never has layering been more important – this recent cold snap must have been tough: this post is an eye opener. I hope you manage to stay warm and comfortable during the time running up to Christmas.

  6. One of the nice things about getting older is you care less and less what you look like and you really dont care about what other people think about you. Being warm and comfy is what matters.

    LOL i wish i could take that view i always worry what people think!

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