Home eduaction finished until next year.

As I am absolutely shattered and getting far too snarkly with the kids, so I’ve decided to finish term today. So no formal learning until the new year.

We’ve got a family joining us for the day on Friday but we’ve postponed the Christmas party until after Christmas because dear ol’K has broken her wrist and can’t drive at the moment – so we’ll wait ’til she’s de-casted (is that a word – it is now) for the party.

The children have been listening to The Cinnamon Bear on Homeschool Radio Shows; they have added more Christmas shows for your delectation.

Then they watched some great little Jesse Tree vids on Youtube produced by Holy Heroes.  It saved me reading the Bible (That sounds awful doesn’t it? But I am sure you know what I mean).

We also belted through another 4 lesson set of Kinderbach. I reckon we’ll have finished the whole lot (stage 6) by the end of Jan. The children have enjoyed this a lot and Ronan and Avila have really started to get to grips with the piano. Heleyna hasn’t got as much from it but she is learning some singing and rythmn with is good.

Heleyna who is 3 is showing a lot of interest at the moment in all sorts of learning. She gets a lot out of More.Starfall and has a set of the Oxford Fun With.[various} books. We got them from Costco so they were very cheap. She loves doing the exercises in them. Then she reads a printed up version of Starfall’s  first reader Zac the Rat followed by The ORt stage 1 book A Good Trick with two to three decodable words per page. Heleyna doesn’t know her phonic alphabet well enough to decode yet but she loves the books.

I finished reading them The Lady of Guadalupe by the very talented Tomie de Paola. Yesterday I read them another book by him The Legend of the Poinsettia.


3 responses to “Home eduaction finished until next year.

  1. I think it is good to take a rest from formal learning and get ready for christmas im sure you must all have a really nice time at christmas with the children being so young hope we get to see some picture of your children at chirstmas?

  2. Enjoy the holidays, Mum6kids 🙂

  3. I hope you guys have a relaxing break! If I don’t get by again before Christmas — Merry Christmas to you and to all your family… and may you have a blessed New Year!!

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