Iona has 20 Uni points now.

Iona got her Open Uni resilts today and she has passed with a good mark. So now she has 20 points at level 1.

So we can sort out her next course soon. If she wants to go on to do a degree at another University she will need 90 level 1 points or she could stay with the OU.

I think as time goes on more Universities will offer distance learning and online learning like the OU making things cheaper and more flexible all round.

The new student loan system is marginally better than the old one and certainly offers better grants and sponsorship but it doesn’t really cahnge the fact that students will have to work and study and distance courses have long been set up to allow for that. They also allow the student to pay per module, avoiding massive debt.

I have been a bit stumped by the anger over student fees. Certainly the debt will be higher but all of us with American friends know they’ve coped with this system. Also the payback system is much better raising the when to pay back earnings from £15 to £21 seems good and then having the whole lot written off after 15 years is brilliant. (If that bit stays).

I think the whole University sytem and culture needs massive overhaul and perhaps the anger stems from the rather odd way the Govt have chosen to approach the problem. But then it seems in politics they only see the money.


One response to “Iona has 20 Uni points now.

  1. I’m not sure how we’re going to pay for college classes when Isaac begins taking them in a couple of years. My hubby has over 60,000 dollars worth of student loans, and since he can’t find work he’s having to go back to school for another degree… which will add another 30,000 after the money he receives for tuition from being in the military. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… it’s sad it costs so much to be well educated. I’m thankful that libraries are still free! 🙂

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