Should have taken my camera

  Snow Flake 3 It’s snowed a foot or more here and it looks stunning. We set out this morning for my hospital appt, with a helpful shove from a neighbour and  drove through roads of brown slush and astonishing lumps of ice (it’s been hitting -10 C). The playing field was beautiful in it’s shroud of snow and mist. The trees look amazing. I just wish I’d taken my camera.

DoctorAt the hospital I saw the Consultant. She strikes me as the real-deal medic wise. I’ve seen far too many doctors over the years who haven’t a clue about basic good manners let  alone patient care – she’s a breath of fresh air.

I’m to start an ace inhibiter which she says is usually the best way with “younger patients” with hypertension. That’s me you see “YOUNGER patient” 🙂

As usual I forgot all sorts of questions but I did ask about my eyesight. She had a look and there’s no obviousa haemorraging yet. Good. But she isn’t sure if the vision problem is fibro or hypertension. We have to wait and see what the AI does. I hope it’s hypertension and the drugs stop it. I really want my eyesight back properly.

I’ll need blood tests and more kidney function tests and have to go back in 6 weeks. I am impressed with her effeciency. I was at the hospt about two weeks ago for the 24 hr sphig and she’s sorting me out promptly.

 We managed to get to the GP with the letter and I assumed I would send Josh to fetch the script in a day or too. Er…no. Got a call from the GPs office and I have to go in tomorrow.

  Well, I love the snow, but it’s a nightmare driving out there (and poor ol’dh has waited nearly an hr for a bus from work and then got stuck at the train station – hope he’ll be home some  before 8pm) I phoned a friend who has kindly agreed to try and take me. Josh will come as car pushing muscle….might take Alex too. You see great big giant sons are a marvellous thing.

BundledThe central heating is broken so the children and I are wrapped up snuggly with shawls and blankets. I am also grateful to whoever it was who invented the hot water bottle. What a star.


3 responses to “Should have taken my camera

  1. Typical of you, Mum6kids, not to grumble about the central heating. Definitely a glass-half-full kind of person. My whole blog would have been one long rant. It makes things more difficult with the fibro, doesn’t it?

    Hope it s fixed with all speed and you stay comfortable.

  2. I’m glad it sounds like you found someone who is “on top” of things. I hate it when I forget the questions that I mean to ask – even if I write them down I forget to look at the paper! I’m glad you remembered about your eyesight though – I’ll be praying that taking care of the hypertension issues gets rid of your eyesight problems. (I remembered to mention all the trembling my muscles have been doing lately – standing in church I feel like some kind of cartoon bunny character – just shaking like a leaf. But I forgot to mention that I keep choking – like my swallowing muscles aren’t working quite right… I’m hoping that it’s just some kind of temporary issue – if it keeps happening I probably won’t forget to bring it up next month! 🙂 ) I hope your central heating is fixed soon – and that your last few days of Advent are blessed!!


  3. I could not cope with out central heating! hope you get it fixed quick?

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