Home Education on Epiphany.

It’s the feast of the Epiphany today and for Latin Rite Catholics and most other Christians this is the 12th and last day of Christmas. However some Latin Rite Catholics like to keep Christmas until the Feast of the Presentation in February.

For our Eastern Rite brethren and most Orthodox Christians Christmas Day is tomorrow.

Christmas and Easter have had different dates since the beginning I believe.

Epiphany comes from the Greek word “epiphania” which means ‘manifestation’ or ‘appearance’. If I was a good HE mum I would have had the children writing out the Greek word today – but I’m not and I didn’t.

I do like to tell them the traditional story of the men coming from Babylon/Chaldea, which is now Iraq and travelling after the star to seek the baby King of the Jews.

Matthew tells us they came and brought gifts of gold, Francincence and myrrh, so the tradition began that there were three magi – one for each gift. Nevertheless we don’t know how many came and I heard once that some Russian stories have as many as 12 magi.

In Italy they remember the old story of Befana and so we have the Story of Old Befana by good ol’ Tomie dePaola. If you are interested in this book just click on the book in my left sidebar and check it out at Amazon or shop around.


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I’ve added shopping list and budget pages and borrowed books and resources pages that a couple of families have requested.


4 responses to “Home Education on Epiphany.

  1. Steve P in La Madison, Wis.

    Actually, if I’m counting right, isn’t January 5th the twelfth day of Christmas?

  2. 12 magi is a lot. You’d have to hoover and polish, wouldn’t you?

    • You would- and just how much gold, francincence and myrrh can a baby cope with I wonder….unless some of them turned up empty handed (presuming no Irish or Italian magi that is)

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