Frugal Friday freebies and a story of amazing courage

It’s Friday and so there just has to be more Freebies for a frugal home educator or other parent out there. First, note my “All thing free” bit to the sidebar.

It is the feast of the Bapstim of Jesus this Sunnday and if you want your children prepared for it I’ve written a little lesson on it so you can get to Church, ready for the readings.

Meanwhile Brian St Paul has posted about Egyptian Muslims making themselves human shields for their Copric neighbours. This is not a safe little protest. I think we know that terrorist Muslims are just as happy to kill their own as Christians or other people of various beliefs. I am so touched by the bravery of the Muslim people- that is quite a New Year gift.

First week of HE done and I’m shattered so I’ll leave it there- quite a frugal blogpost. But I’ll be back…


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