Homeschooling study. I wonder what it might show about Home Education in the UK?

Studies of home education in the USA seem to be happening on a fairly regular basis and so far always show that children who are home educated are doing as well or more often better than their schooled peers. A new study (opens pdf) has been reported in the New American that estimates as many as two million children are now being educated by their parents. H/T Zoe Romanowsky

Studies like this do not seem to happen so much in the UK, and after the way Ed Balls and Co behaved are hardly likely to happen successfully. But I do wonder if the increase in HS in America is mirrored by the same thing happening here?

Totally anecdotally, from my experience of American homeschoolers online whether on blogs or forums, I get the impression that there is more recognition over there that children need parents to be parents.  Over here the rights and responsibilities of parents have been so undermined they are practically crushed.

The media in this country has been largely antagonistic to home education, but even bad press has raised awareness and seems to make more people ask questions.

I watch the American HS community with interest. I think those who believe that the future belongs to HS families might be true.

2 responses to “Homeschooling study. I wonder what it might show about Home Education in the UK?

  1. Kids learn more in homely environmetn and it works better than school, we all know home is the first school

  2. There are people in America who would rather have the government have more power when it comes to children – but so far they are a minority… a sometimes loud and powerful minority, but a minority just the same. The average American knows that parents are the ones who really love their children, and they know what is best for their children. The reason why we do so many studies is because they keep wanting to prove that homeschooling has some kind of negative impact — all they find is that it has more and more positive ones… In every area of life homeschoolers do well, and they are often significantly happier — even into adulthood. 🙂

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