Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Frugal Friday Freebies

There are days when I want to hear someone talking about the stuff of my life. Unfornunately I ama bit weird, so not many radio shows or online shows have much to say to me about my life. I do like to listen to Dr Ray when I’m cleaning or sorting the washing, but the biggest chunk of my life is about home educating and so it was good to find some podcasts and MP3s on that sbject.

HOMESCHOOL.COM has a lot of podcasts for Christian homeschoolers. I have listened to a couple and they are ok. There are some great pionters for those just starting out and some I haven’t heard yet that look aimed at the old’uns like me 🙂

There are some great workshops from Dayton Catholic HS Conference 2010

If you are going to listen to Regina Doman’s “No Matter What Happens, Blessed be His Name,” have tissues on hand. Even though I am sure most of us already know her story, it is heartbreaking hearing her speak so bravely and positively about it. She offers excellent advice on how to cope and support others when tragedy happens.

Her workshop with teens is well worth listening to. I’m going to get Iona to hear it too as it will be very useful to her.

There’s more good Dayton MP3s HERE  . So you have plenty to keep your home education life happy.

Check out my friend Kalei’s new blogsite with recipes for busy homeschool families. If you have some recipes, why not send them to her for the blog. You can catch the latest recipes on the right sidebar of her Resource blog.

She has also posted my latest Little Lesson, to continue my forensic science history theme. This one is on the history of Facial Reconstruction.  Hope you like it.

I am reading the children Edith Nesbit’s “Five Children and It” which I have downloaded as a pdf.  My lot are really enjoying this.