Quote from Maria Montessori

I have been dipping into The Montessori Method by Dr Maria Montessori and I found this quote:

The principle of slavery still pervades pedagogy, and therefore the same principle invades the school. I need only give one proof – the stationary desks and chairs. Here we have, for example, a striking evidence of the errors of the early materialistic scientific pedagogy, which, with mistaken zeal and energy, carried the barren stones of science to the rebuilding of the crumbling walls of the school.”

This is not, obviously, an attack on science in it’s proper form, but on materialistic scientism that reduces a child to some sort of machine and denies him his personhood, which is his by nature and therefore by right.

This denial of the personhood of the child is what Charlotte Mason worked against in her phiosophy. The wisdom of Mason and Montessori have been ignored and the cogs in the machine type pedagogy remains.  Throwing more money at a broken system built of the sand of denying the nature of the person will not mend anything.


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