Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Toddle-bonce Wednesday ( or Preschool Home Education)

On Wednesdays another family joins us for the day. The children are aged 4 and under so they are not that interested in what could be called “formal” education. But they do enjoy having lesson time together.

We do two short sessions with the little ones and the rest of the time is playtime. Ronan and Avila get a more-or-less free day. They tend to read to the little ones and help the out, so they aren’t kept out of the group. It’s a bit of a role change for Heleyna as she is usually the one ‘joining in’ with lessons as best she can while they are really aimed ar the older ones. On a Wednesday the lessons are for her and her friends and the older two are the ‘joining in’ children.

Geography  They do a very short worksheet about the world or how to read a map using picture maps, so that they understand the concept of looking at things from above. There will be a few lessons of map symbols later on. It’s very basic: we started with a print of the 1oo Acre Wood from Winnie the Pooh and they found various things on it.

Then I have a print out of the world which we use with an old children’s Atlas I’ve had since the big ones were little.  We find a country and tell a story. Last week we found Japan and America which lead to me reading them Grandfather’s Journey. This week we found China and had a look at the Yangtze River. This was followed by The Story of Ping.  I have other books for other countries and my friend has soon too.

Music happens after lunch. I use some of the printouts from Kinderbach, but not the lessons. We sing a nursery rhyme and learn how to clap it and then the children have notes to srick down to match the clapping. There’s a colour sheet for the nursery rhymne which they can colour in, or not as they like.

That’s it. Simples (as a Meerkat might say).