A Frugal Friday Freebie: A slice of Gatto and some other resources.

If you are getting ready for St. Valentine’s day you might want to have a look at a St Val resource put together at That Resource Site.

I found this set of free audio that has a treasure trove of Gatto talks done all over the place. (There’s also the Ken Robinson Audio  about the destruction of creativity in schools). Now, I have to admit I have been very cautious about whether I was a “fan” of Gatto or not. He is well-loved in home education and homeschooling circles, but I have discovered one or two heroes of home ed are not that heroic when you get to listen to or read what they actually have to say.

Teacher of the Year one more than one occation.

I haven’t listened to all these Audio files yet, but so far I am truly impressed. He speaks as someone who really has learned some history. I was particularly pleased to hear him speak with complete accuracy on Calvin and Darwin.

One of the ways I discern whether I can trust someone on what they say about stuff I don’t know about, is how they handle the stuff I do know about. Gatto is a massive breath of fresh air, not only because he does know history but because he is quite happy to speak about things that are cultural no nos.  I love his courage and strength of character.

The other free audio I have found is HOMESCHOOL AUDIO. I haven’t listened to all of them but I do really recommend the last one about DARE. I was surprised to hear Dr William Coulson whom I wrote about three years ago. He worked with Rogers and Maslow and brought about the damaging and frankly ludicrous “how does it feel for you?” revolution. I first came across Dr Coulson when I heard his Mea Culpa on his role in the therapeutic nightmare of Rogarian Therapy. As it happens Rogers and Maslow both repented of their deeds; which is good, but I am saddened that despite this, in far too many places the damage continues to be done.

Plenty to listen to there. I wonder how many people who still think school is the way to educate children would bother to hear what Gatto and Coulson have to say. In the book I’m reading at the moment Socrates Meets Jesus there is a moment where Socrates is discussing the question of being open minded. He asks how someone can decide to be open or closed minded about a subject without having first listened to the arguments on the subject. It’s a good question. If  we don’t hear the reasons for and against schools and compulsory education, how will we know which is true? And let’s be sure about one thing the truth of this matter is vitally important because it effects the lives of every single child and family living under this system.


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